Don’t Say Bojio: All-You-Can-Eat XLB Buffet At Woodlands For $18.80 Nett

It’s free flow xiao long baos, a buffet of intricately pleated dumplings full of minced pork and broth.

Need you go through another crappy, mostly unrelated introduction to keep you entertained?

Credits: Giphy

No, let the food do the talking.

Xiao Long Bao Buffet

Courtesy of Master Wang, a place which advertises its la mian while being secretly brilliant at its soup dumplings as well. People seem to find that out through its many promotional xiao long bao buffets.

Here’s another so you can draw that conclusion for yourself.

As it should, the picture and caption have all the details of the deal.

And as usual, we will be writing a summary that’s written in as many words as possible for the word count for the ones who (a) can’t load the post, (b) can, but don’t want to break their eyes on the tiny poster print (c) are too lazy to read the original stuff, and would rather read our word count hitting summary.

With that, here’s our reiteration of the information posted:


According to the eye-breaking small print, “free flow items include”:

  • Original Steamed Dumpling
  • Scallop Steamed Dumpling
  • Lala Steamed Dumpling
  • Fragrant Pan Fried Dumplings
  • Steamed Dumpling

(However, what they probably mean is there are three flavours: original, scallop and lala, available steamed or pan fried.)

On top of that, you get a complimentary Seafood Mini Wok!

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Available Monday to Saturday from 5 pm to 8.30 pm (originally 6 pm to 8 pm but the good people at Master Wang extended the hours due to the popular demand)
  • For dine-in only
  • Not valid with other offers/promotions/ discount
  • Strictly no sharing of food
  • Limited to 25 pax a day
  • Reservation recommended (other foods reviewing websites recommend it too since xlb buffets are pretty popular)


The whole deal goes for $18.80 or $13.80 nett, depending on whether you’re over or under 12 years old.


Master Wang’s Woodlands outlet is pretty new, which probably explains why they’re having this promotional xiao long bao buffet there.

Address: 27 Woodlands Link Chang Cheng HQ (Stall 5)

Master Wang recommends taking the feeder bus 964.

Credits: Master Wang (Facebook)

Other Deals

Maybe you think Woodlands is too godforsaken to even think about cheap xiao long baos.

The thing is their Facebook page seems to advertise this:

Xiao Long Bao Buffet
1 hour 30 minutes • $19.80 weekdays $23.80 weekends, PH

Pickled Fish Mini Wok as complimentary Eat as much as you can Xiao Long Bao as advertised

There is no mention of the outlet it applies to or the time frame, so you may want to ring them up here to find out: 87333171 (also the number you call to make reservations).

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