Don’t Say Bojio: Branded Sunglasses for Sale Due to Closure of Business (Till 12 Aug)

We all know it’s not easy to run a business: rents are always increasing, expenses are always higher than sales, clients are always taking forever to make payments, finding talents is always as difficult as finding Nemo and margins are always low.

It’s even sadder that companies that have been in business for decades are closing down.

Unfortunately, it’s something we can’t do much about.

And here’s one more business that’s closing down: CEDS Sunglasses.

About CEDS Sunglasses

CEDS Sunglasses have been in Takashimaya Department Store for 23 years – that could be much older than some of you.

However, according to them, due to rising rents and salaries, they are going to close down for good.

And this means they have to clear their stocks – but not in Takashimaya, though.

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Image: Facebook (Zombiepura)

Closing Down Sale at Alexandra Central

Since 31 July 2018, they have been holding a closing down sale at Alexandra Central, next to Ikea.

Image: Facebook (CEDS Sunglasses)

This includes branded sunglasses like Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Ray Ban, Bottega, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and many more.

Image: Facebook (CEDS Sunglasses)
Image: Facebook (CEDS Sunglasses)

It’s up to 80% off, with brands like Gucci or Prada having a 50% + 20% off as well.

Image: Facebook (CEDS Sunglasses)

The sale will end this Sunday (12 August 2018), so be fast hand fast leg!

Alexandra Central, The Mall

Well, in case you’re not aware, Alexandra Central is a relatively new mall (compared to older malls lah) that’s next to Ikea. The first three hours of parking is free as long as you spend $10, which I’m pretty sure you’ll if you’re there to buy those affordable sunglasses.

And since it’s just next to Ikea, it’ll be a perfect chance to have your favourite meatballs there after you’re done with your shopping.

What are you waiting for? An opportunity to buy cheap branded sunglasses, to explore a rather new mall and to visit Ikea: pretty much a to-go this weekend, no?

Location: 321 Alexandra Road #02-39 Alexandra Central (Next to IKEA)
Opening Hours: Fri-Sun 10am-9pm (only three more days!)

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