Don’t Say Bojio: Burger King Now Selling Mala Burgers From 28 May Onwards

It’s 28 May, and you know what that means;

It’s time for Tantalising Tuesday!


“So… what do you have for me, oh you tantalising writer?” asked nobody ever.

Well, in response, I answer with just two words, two words so profound and tantalising in nature that they will tease your every sense and make you feel like a king:

Mala… stackers.

Image: Burger King

Now I don’t know about you, but I can already feel my spice senses tingling from the image alone. Damn.

Hot and high stakes with the Mala Stacker Burgers at Burger King

Calling all burger fans and meat lovers, be prepared to fall head over heels, and feast like a king all over again with Burger King‘s most glorious offering of the year – the Stacker Burgers. This time around, Burger King‘s Stacker Burger comes with the ‘Mala’ kick.

Starting from today, the Burger King’s Mala Stacker Burger is set to challenge all fans of the spicy offering with two delicious burgers – the Mala Beef Stacker burger and the Mala Chick’N Crisp Stacker burger.

Image: Burger King

The Mala Beef Stacker burger

According to Burger King, the Mala Beef Stacker burger is made with tantalising layers of two succulent flame-grilled beef patties, mayonnaise, crispy lettuce, refreshing sliced cucumbers, and are finished with a hot, tongue-numbing Mala sauce, all enveloped between a toasted sesame seed bun.

Two patties of fiery goodness to ensure a kickin’ good time. Image: Burger King

And of course, just a quick disclaimer: Burger King’s signature beef patties are made with 100% beef, with no preservatives, fillers or additives and are flame-grilled to bring out the perfect taste match with the Mala sauce.

So yeah, it sounds like a fiery bomb of goodness alright. 

Image: Giphy

The Mala Chick’N Crisp Stacker burger

Unable to consume beef due to your religion or just a serial chicken addict? Well, the Mala Chick’N Crisp Stacker burger is definitely your thing

Image: Burger King

Complicatedly put, this mouth-watering ensemble is made up of two flavourful and crispy Chick’N Crisp™ patties, layered with a dollop of mayonnaise, lettuce, sliced cucumbers, drizzled with Mala sauce, and finally sandwiched with a toasted sesame seed bun.

Simply put, it’s chicken and mala.

Well, that sounds like the ideal combination alright.

Two patties not enough for your ginormous appetite?

Well, if you fancy yourself as the ardent mala lover, and as such scoff at the idea of just two patties, I’ve good news for you:

For just S$2.80, you can add an extra layer of patty, Mala sauce and sliced cucumber to your burger!

So yes, that four-patty monster you’ve been dreaming of?

It’s not impossible.

Image: Burger King
Image: Burger King

Damn, talk about beast burgers.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you constantly dream of having a Mala burger that does not need you to flock all the way to town, I’m telling you;

This is it.

Plus, it would hardly break your precious bank too. According to Burger King, the Mala Stacker burger value meal starts from S$6.90, which includes a medium pack of French fries and a small Coca-Cola Less Sugar drink.

Hardly gonna put a hole in that sparse wallet of yours, right? 😉

And so… what’re you waiting for? Pick up the challenge right now, and stack up the deliciousness with that spicy kick!