Don’t Say Bojio: EZ-Link Has a Fitness Watch That Can Act as EZ-Link Card, and Track Your Fitness Too


Want to look cool and show off to your friends just by boarding a bus? Think cards are quite troublesome? Look no further, because EZ-Link now offers fitness watches that also work like your old EZ-Link cards.

Ez-Link offers two different models on their Online Shop, a Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker and a Garmin vivosmart HR fitness tracker.

1. Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker

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This Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker combines a smart fitness band with the functions of an EZ-Link card, and can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth to monitor the number of steps taken, the calories burnt and your sleep quality.

It will be on sale from 24 January 2017, 11 am at S$42.80 inclusive of GST.

2. Garmin vivosmart HR

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The Garmin vivosmart HR tracks steps, sleep quality, fitness activity and heart-rate. It can also pair with your smartphone and receive notifications that you can just read off the screen, instead of looking at your phone.

This is all in addition to the functions of an EZ-link card as well.

It will be available in major retailers from end March 2017, at S$259.


According to Garmin South Asia’s general manager Al Sundoro, Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to have contactless payment for public transport through a wearable on your wrist.

So keep those release dates in mind if you want to be the first in Singapore to pay through EZ-Link from your wrist!

Don’t say we bojio hor!

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