Don’t Say Bojio: Fly to Perth @ $99, Taipei @ $88 & Many More!


The cost of flight tickets can be brutal, unforgiving, and even outright scary to poor church mice like myself who balked at the sight of ticket costs that are more than capable of bankrupting  me. Fortunately, Jetstar has some good promotions that are easy on our wallets.

Some of the more attractive and in-demand flight destination tickets on offer are: Perth ($99), Bangkok ($44), Phuket ($42), Hong Kong ($58), and Darwin ($99). Of course, the prices quoted are in Singapore dollars and include taxes.

Quick! Go to, book your flight, apply for annual leave, pack your bags, and off you go! With such hot deals, seats will be snatched up like hotcakes. He who hesitates loses out on a bloody good flight deal.

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