Don’t Say Bojio: Free Gym Entry for Elderly Above 55 Every Wednesday in AMK

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Gone are the days where people above 65 years old have to pick up cardboards to exercise.

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Or in general, exercising outdoors.

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Because now, the elderly (above 55 years old) of Singapore has a gym to call their own.

Senior Gyms

Sick of going to the gym and see the young people flex their muscles, trying to attract girls? Can’t stop thinking about how, if you’re 30 years younger, you’ll probably trash them with your magnificent biceps?

Now you might be able to avoid all that nonsense and focus only on your workout at the ActiveSG gym at Ang Mo Kio.

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The Ang Mo Kio gym for the elderly is the first of five senior gyms to open in Singapore.

They’re located at:

  • Ang Mo Kio (Already operating)
  • Fernvale
  • Senja-Cashew
  • Pek Kio
  • Toa Payoh West

Now, when I say senior gyms, I don’t mean no young ‘uns allowed. If you find joy in flexing your muscles to old people, you can still go in.


Entry fee is at $2.50.

Quite a steal, considering the equipment inside are new and (probably) state of the art.

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But guess what? In the middle of the week, it’s going to become even more of a steal.

Workout Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, you can enter the gym for the grand price of $0.

That’s right. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

The only condition: you have to be 55 years old and above.

Is Free Gym Session The Only Reason Why It’s a Seniors Gym?

Nope, you got to admit, if it is, we’re all probably going to be disappointed.

But as it turns out, the “senior” tag in the name isn’t just for show; it’s in the little things. The exercise equipment located in the gym is suitable for the elderly.

For example, while the machines might look like regular workout machines you see at the gyms…

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They are adjusted using air pressure (pneumatic) and is proven to have a lower impact on the joints.

Plus, It’s Technologically Advanced

A spokesperson for the gym said: “The Hur machine is a smart machine that’s able to sense where your body is and calibrate accordingly at very micro levels, increasing at 100 grams at a time so that it’s safe and yet to the user, to the seniors, it’s not so daunting that they can’t move.

“And the machine remembers the last time you come and use it so the next time when you come back to the machine it auto-calibrates. So these are important features, smart features to help seniors maintain their health.”

And corridors are kept wide enough so that even people with a wheelchair can access the place easily.

In other words, a gym designed with the elderly Singaporean in mind. Who said the elderly cannot exercise? Definitely not our ActiveSG.

Remember, age is nothing but a number.

Location: 795 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569976


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