Don’t Say Bojio: Free Iced Tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf With No Need for Any Purchase (Till 16 May)

What’s your favourite word in the entire world?


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Well, here’s one word we can all agree with: Free. 

Especially when it comes to food.

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Well, guess what? A familiar brand that we’re all familiar with is giving us that word.

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Ramadan Promotion

Image: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® – Singapore Facebook Page

From now until 16 May, make your way to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to enjoy a small-sized Ice Tea on the house in celebration of the Ramadan month.

From Iftar till 8 pm, the promo is available at all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets except for the following:

  • Orchard Central
  • Esplanade
  • Ngee Ann Poly
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Millenia Walk
  • Singapore EXPO
  • Changi Airport
  • Sentosa
  • Marina Bay Sands

Just take note that redemption is limited to one per customer, so no getting your friend to get it for you, yeah?

Unless they’re not drinking it for themselves, that is.

A Worthy Promotion

If you’re thinking that a business only gives out promotions to increase their sales, think again.

Because, intentionally or not, CBTL’s promotion not only made Singaporeans happier but made them smarter as well.

Image: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Facebook Page

Iftar is the evening meal which our Muslim friends enjoy after sunset. Or, as some netizens put it, break fast.

And here’s the iftar timing according to MUIS:

  • 6 to 22 May 2019: 7:08 PM
  • 23 to 30 May 2019: 7:09 PM
  • 31 May to 4 June 2019: 7:10 PM

And The Best Part?

We’re all familiar with how promotions work, right?

You get something for free. But before you can get it, you have to buy something else.

But not for this promotion.

Image: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Facebook Page

That’s right.

You don’t have to buy anything beforehand.

So if you’re simply in the mood for a free drink?

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In Fact, There Are No Terms & Conditions

So some smart dudette asked on CBTL Facebook page to clarify what their terms and conditions are.

And this is what The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has to say.

Image: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Facebook Page

No terms and conditions, people. They’ve prepared this special giveaway for Muslims who are observing Ramadan.


In the spirit of racial harmony, all customers are welcomed to join.

So, yes, your race doesn’t matter. I think.

But, of course lah, if you see a Muslim friend queueing up while you’re there, you might want to just let them jump ahead.


After all, it wouldn’t make sense if a giveaway for our Muslim friends observing Ramadan month not get any because they ran out of stock, right?

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