Don’t Say Bojio: Gongcha Giving Away Brown Sugar Fresh Milk on 1 May 2019


Gong Cha or LiHO?

Ever since LiHO replaced our beloved Gong Cha two years back, it has somehow managed to weasel its way into our hearts — enough so that even though Gong Cha has returned long ago, there is still debate over which is better.

LiHO is pretty much known to people like me (cheap) as a store with ongoing promotions.

If I can get milk tea as low as $2, Gong Cha has to try harder to buy me over.

Now that Gong Cha is finally having a promotion though, hordes of people will undoubtedly make their way over to the nearest Gong Cha store like moths to a flame.

And as we all know, when Gong Cha has a promotion, it’s go-big-or-go-home.

Gong Cha Labour Day Promotion

Now, as per any bubble tea article, we’d have to promote our YouTube channel because the boss says so. Here’s a video we’ve done about bubble tea: watch it and it might disappear in the next article:

Done-ed? Okay, moving on.

On 1 May 2019, it’s not just classic milk tea in the talks — it’s a drink infinitely better. It’s brown sugar fresh milk — the greatest invention in the world of milk teas to exist, ever. Touted by yours truly.

Source: @wafflenessa (Instagram)

Not only is it immensely more aesthetically pleasing than milk tea, the burnt sweetness just adds that extra layer of flavour.

To give a pat on our backs for working tirelessly every day, Gong Cha has decided to give away 100 cups of brown sugar fresh milk. With pearls — as if the best drink can’t get any better.

The catch?

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There’s no catch. Just take note that it isn’t available at their Takashimaya, One Raffles Place, NUS or SMU stores. Sorry, university students, your love for boba tea is too well-known.


If you’re not staying anywhere close to these stores, then you’re good to go — just start queuing two hours before the promotion starts.

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I’m kidding, it actually isn’t that early, unless you tend to wake up in the afternoon. The promotion starts at 12 pm, so you should queue as you see fit.

If you’re not fast enough to beat the 100 eager people before you, don’t worry; the world hasn’t ended yet.

Plus, 1-For-1 Deal At 6 pm

Gong Cha must be feeling exceptionally generous on 1 May, because the promotions are not over just yet.


Once the clock strikes 6 pm, the first 100 customers can score a 1-for-1 deal for the same drink.

Having to pay only $2.15 (yes, down to the cent), this is for all those who want to share a drink with a friend after a day of hanging out.

Source: Tenor

But if brown sugar fresh milk is not your cup of tea (pun intended), Gong Cha has something else for you as well.

Get Caramel Milk Tea, Honey Green Tea or Earl Grey Milk Tea At 50% OFF 

Source: @aiiimyyy (Instagram)

Simply flash your NTUC card on that day and you can enjoy a Caramel Milk Tea, Honey Green Tea or Earl Grey Milk Tea for half its price.

There isn’t a cap on the number of people here, so you can head down at any time!


As if Labour Day couldn’t come faster already, Gong Cha just made the day even better. So if you’re in the office praying that time flies by faster, just be heartened that you only have a few more hours left to agonize over!

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