Don’t Say Bojio: Gudetama EZ-Link Cards Now Available For $12; Comes With $7 Load Value


EZ-Link has always been giving us many cute designs for EZ-link cards.

They even came up with charms that can double up as keychains so we don’t have to dig through our pockets or wallets every time we enter or exit public transport.

This time, to celebrate Chinese New Year which is coming soon, they’ve released two new designs of EZ-link cards.

And let me just say that they’re really cute.

New Gudetama Fortune Cat Cards

This time, the design features our favourite egg yolk, Gudetama. But there’s a cute twist to this design.

It isn’t just any regular ol’ lazy Gudetama.

Nope. It’s Gudetama, dressed like a fortune cat.

If you didn’t know, fortune cats are used to welcome fortune into your life. It’s said that when you have this with you, you will be blessed with more fortune and more luck.

Image: Phannapha / (Image used for illustration purposes only.)

So combine the two of them together and you’ll get…

Image: Facebook (EZ-Link)

You can get either the white design or the yellow one.

The white design features many different types of Gudetama other than the fortune cat and is also decorated with cracked eggshells.


The yellow design features just one big fortune cat Gudetama.

In both cards, the fortune cat Gudetama can be seen with its left hand up to resemble that of an actual fortune cat.

Image: Giphy

How Much Is It & Where Can I Get One?

The cards are priced at $12 each and unlike other previous cards that EZ-Link has released, these cards come with a loaded value of $7 credit. So you’re really paying just $5 for the adorable card.

You can get your hands on these cards at any TransitLink ticket office, but be sure you grab them soon before they all run out of stock.

You can also take note of the comments section on their original Facebook post because some netizens are kind enough to notify the public about areas that still have stock for the cards.