Don’t Say Bojio: Largest Meiji Warehouse Sale Until 23 Dec in Jurong East


As a kid growing up, I loved three things above everything else:



And last but not least…

Goddamn Meiji biscuits.

Ten years later, however, my interests have somewhat changed. Instead of games, it’s now gains. Instead of girls, it’s now girlfriend. But one thing remained constant, and would probably do until the day I die.

My love for Meiji biscuits.


Indeed, if you’ve read my article on Meiji’s newest Coconut flavoured biscuits, you would know that I pride myself as a die-hard fan of the franchise, and honestly, that’s a fact that would probably never change.

Meiji Warehouse Sale

And so, you can only imagine my lust sheer excitement, when Meiji announced some pretty amazing news:

There will be a Meiji warehouse sale from 20-23 Dec, and apparently…

It will be the largest ever!

Image: CP Meiji Singapore Facebook Page
Image: Gfycat

Interested? Well, let’s find out more!

For starters, if previous runs were to be believed…

You best prepare your wallets, because there’s a shit ton of things to take home from there!


Just look at all these snacks, waiting for you to bring them home!

Image: Imgflip

And if you’re thirsty, Meiji got you covered too. What’s more, it’s not just one.

It’s 6.


And as someone who has consumed the drink in rather routine fashion, I’ve something to profess:

This shit tastes great.

In fact, it’s probably the only drink I would go for, even though I’m fully aware that I’m lactose intolerant and can’t actually consume such products.

Image: Imgflip

And the rewards don’t end there

For it’s not just your tastebuds and stomach (and waistline) that stand to benefit from Meiji’s largest sale so far;


Your LinkPoints score stands a chance too!

Image: PeopleUp Facebook

Indeed, NTUC Plus! members will have a chance to win up to 80,000 LinkPoints with every $10 spent!

A daily prize of 10,000 LinkPoints will be given to one lucky Plus! member, and the grand prize on 23 Dec will be a whopping 40,000 that will be credited into your Link member card.

Image: Giphy

Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

So what’re you waiting for?

The sale’s only three days long, so you can’t afford to hesitate like you did with your crush for 3 years;

It’s time to go.


Location: PeopleUp Sports & Enrichment Hub (Yes, please note that it’s not in Meiji HQ!)
Address: 200 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 609336

Image: PeopleUp

Date: 20-23 Dec 2018
Time: 11am-10pm

Note: Only cash payment is accepted, so unless you’re planning to borrow money at the scene, please withdraw sufficient amounts before coming. By my reckoning $100 should be enough. Probably. Unless you intend 

With that said, I end off this article with relish…

And I’ll see you there.


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