Don’t Say BoJio: Latest KFC e-Coupons For The Greatest Savings (7 Nov – 11 Dec 2016)!

KFC is back with greater savings, and this time, there’s more reason for you to now dine at KFC! Plus, it’s also great if you have friends who love dining here because – one more reason to jio them for dinner and not have to spend so much money! 


From now till 11 December 2016, you can use these irresistible coupon deals when you have a meal right at the fast food restaurant! Trust me, these deals are too finger lickin’ good to be missed!

We all know that KFC is famous for their fried chicken, but since you are already there and also have these coupons on hand, why not take the chance to try out some of their other popular offerings like the Zinger burger and Bandito pocket as well?


You can also take this chance to treat yourself to a good breakfast, or grab some S$1 fries if you pass by any of the KFC outlets!

Don’t say we bo jio!

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