Don’t Say Bojio: MediaCorp Warehouse Sale for Their Used Stuff & Clothes (7 Jan)


Have you heard? MEDIACORP IS HAVING A WAREHOUSE SALE! They will be selling clothes, shoes, accessories and props at a low price!

These clothes or shoes might have been worn by your idols before, though I’m sure the smell is no longer there.

In case you want to know how low the price can go, here’s a sneak peek.

All jackets and dresses: 2 for $15
All shirts, blouses, skirts and pants: 2 for $10
All shoes: $2
All tees:  $1
All accessories: 3 for $10

If you’re interested in getting those clothes for your next production or even dress up similarly like your favourite TV star, head down to Caldecott Broadcast Centre on 7 January 2017! 

Mediacorp Warehouse Sale
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road
Singapore 299939
Public Carpark, Basemant 1
Saturday, 7 January 2017
10am – 3pm

Be sure to mark your calendars so that you won’t miss out on this one in a lifetime chance! Also, bring a lot of cash as they don’t accept NETS or VISA. And don’t say I never jio!

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