Don’t Say Bojio: MINI EXTRAODDINARY TRAIL Happening At Chinatown On 22 to 24 Nov 2019

Always on the lookout for something new to discover?

Or maybe, you’re a really bored couple who don’t go out anymore because there’s no place to go.

No matter which one you are, here’s where you need to be at on the weekend of 22 to 24 November 2019.

Image: Wikipedia

And no, it’s not because Singapore decides to hold Chinese New Year early.

It’s because of this.

MINI EXTRAODDINARY: A Trail That’ll Transform The Streets Of Chinatown For Three Days Only

If you’re a fan of the quirky, IG-worthy and all-around fun, this is one trail you’re not going to want to miss.

Image: MINI Singapore

This year, MINI (yes, the car brand) is creating an experiential trail for people in Singapore, both young and old, to enjoy.

And it’s not just about having fun today. It’s about how we can help to have a tomorrow too.

Answering The Questions Of Tomorrow

Now, despite the subheading, MINI Singapore won’t be able to tell you the numbers to next year’s ang pow draw worth $9 million.

What they can answer, however, is how you may start wearing pineapples as clothes.

Just like Hawaii and their coconut shells. / Image: MINI Singapore

How seaweeds can be used to replace plastics.

Image: MINI Singapore

Or how mushrooms can be used to build homes.

Image: Mycotech

Among many other ideas.

If you thought drinking pee water is the ultimate idea, think again.

And It’s Not Just Ideas

These are phenomenons that will happen in the future.

Image: Imgflip

After all, there are teams of researchers working on them, trying to develop them from an idea into practice.

Curious about how mushrooms can be made into homes, and whether it’s safe or not? All those spores.

Image: Orange Mushroom’s Blog

Make your way down to enjoy the different installations and activities that’ll show you trends and discoveries in the field of sustainability.

While having fun at the same time.

And It’s Never Come At A Better Time

Unless you’re living in the North Pole with the polar bears with no internet, you’ll know that climate change is the buzzword for 2019.

Okay, scrap that, even if you’re in the North Pole with no internet, you’ll still know, because you’re drowning with the polar bears.

And that’s because of global warming.

If you think the Singapore of today is warm, it’s only going to get hotter.

According to Business Insider, Singapore’s daily temperature is going to rise by 1.3 degrees Celsius by 2050 if nothing is done about it.

Fast fashion, dyeing of clothes and other materials, washing of dry-fit and nylon shirts, all these play a part in our dying planet.

As for how? The MINI event at Chinatown will answer these questions for you.

Don’t take our word for it; go on down and check it out for yourself.


  • What: (MINI EXTRAODDINARY: An Ecocultural Trail)
  • Where: Chinatown
  • When: 22 to 24 November 2019
  • Website:
  • Follow them on Instagram (@mini_sg) for more updates.

See you there!

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with MINI Singapore.