Don’t Say Bojio: More Than 50% off Whey Protein, Adidas Bags & Many Others!

Last Updated on 2016-11-18 , 12:59 pm

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll know why brick-and-mortar shops are closing one by one, with the latest victim being John Little: e-commerce.

When one door closes, another opens: in this case, when retail shops close down every day, you’ll see more promotions online, and here is one that you must not miss.

Shopee, a growing Carousell-like online marketplace minus the hellish seller-and-buyer stories, is having a 11.11 sales this year with promotions that you simply can’t resist.

There will be massive discounts of popular mainstream products, like Redmi Note 4s or Philips TVs, up to 74%. If you’re unfamiliar with Shopee (where have you been this year?!), here’s a brief introduction: it works conveniently like Carousell, protects your interest like Qoo10 and has customer service like Amazon.

For the guys, here’re some promotions that might interest you.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard 5lbs

whey-proteinOriginal Price: $82.00
Discounted Price on 11 Nov 2016: $39.90 (51% off!)

Mont Blanc Legend EDT 100ml


Original Price: $52.00
Discounted Price on 11 Nov 2016: $19.90 (61% off!)

Redmi Note 4


Original Price: $288.00
Discounted Price on 11 Nov 2016: $139.00 (51% off!)

And of course, for the girls:

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml

sk-ii-facial-treatment-essence-75mlOriginal Price: $69.00
Discounted Price on 11 Nov 2016: $19.90 (71% off!)

Various Adidas Backpacks


Original Price: $32.90
Discounted Price on 11 Nov 2016e: $15.90 (51% off!)

Too Faced Melted Lips

too-faced-melted-lipsOriginal Price: $33.00
Discounted Price on 11 Nov 2016: $9.90 (70% off!)

The promotion will only occur on 11 November 2016, so now is a good time to save up. If you’re still itching to do some online window shopping, you can download the Shopee app and look out for the daily giveaway until 10 November 2016.

You can view the full list of items here.

And in case you’re wondering wah why got so good sale, here’s why: Not too long ago, people, especially from China, have often associated the date 11.11 as a Singles’ Day, simply because the date looks like a person who is always alone (one = alone = single). In this unofficial festival, singles celebrate for the fact that they’re proud to be unattached.

Nowadays, 11.11 might still be seen as Singles’ Day, but it has since been overshadowed by an annual crazy massive online sale in the online market in Chinese-speaking countries, similar to the Great Singapore Sale in Singapore and Black Friday in the US.

Last year, Alibaba’s online marketplaces generated over US$14.3 billion (about SGD19.8 billion) in sales, compared to mere USD$5.8 billion (about SGD$8 billion) in 2013. In other words, if you’re going to spend your bonus on something, 11 November 2016 is the best time!

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