Don’t Say Bojio: One Piece Fans Can Eat Popcorn From Chopper’s Hat At GV

Image: Golden Village


Eat popcorn from Chopper’s Hat?

I know what you’re thinking: brraainsssssssssssssssssss

Nonono, it’s not a zombie thing/ Image: Giphy

Wait, I mean, this:

Image: Golden Village

Oooh. Oooh. Chopper’s so cute that they decided to make popcorn buckets and collectible cups.

You calling me cute doesn’t make me the least happy!/ Image: Giphy

Collectible Cups & Bucket for One Piece Stampede movie

Image: ODEX

So, what’s the damage? All at the fine price of S$24.50 for the collectible cup and S$49.50, with a S$2 discount if you’re a GV member. They’ll be available at all GV Cinemas from 31 Aug 2019 onwards.

Drinks will be in the cup, and popcorn will be in the bucket. #commonsense

At this point, you’re either screaming at the price or screaming at the kawaii buckets and showing your bank accounts.

Image: Giphy

Rest assured, the money is going to good use.

Straight into the pockets of Nami Inc./ Image: Giphy

One Piece Stampede Movie

Or maybe, you’re just interested in the movie. In that case, here’s the trailer, which you’d seen before if you read our Uniqlo One Piece article:

The One Piece cast in this movie is so god damn long that people wondered if 100 minutes can even do the movie justice. But hey, since Oda-Sensei is the creative supervisor here, it can’t be that bad right?

According to GV, the movie will be officially released on 5 Sep 2019.

But… what if you’re so excited that you can’t wait to watch it?

Image: Giphy

One Piece Stampede Fan Screening on 31 Aug 2019

Here at Goody Feed, we’re unfortunately slowed down by the Noro Noro no Mi, so this is somewhat late news… but tickets are not sold out last we checked.

View this post on Instagram

One Piece: Stampede GV Vivocity – 31 Aug 2019 (Sat), 2pm GV Plaza – 31 Aug 2019 (Sat), 7pm Fan's Screening $50 (GV Member) / $55 (Public) -Japanese language with -English and Chinese subtitles -Duration: 101 minutes Book the movie tickets at GV Cinema's website: Ticket purchase includes: • 1 x Japan Import Button Badge Set (10 designs) • 1 x Memorial Coin (Limited Edition) • 1 x Thermal Flask (Limited Edition) • 1 x A4 Folder • 1 x A2 Poster Notes: – Redemption of movie novelties is 1 hour before movie starts. A redemption table will be set up near the cinema hall entrance. Follow us for the latest updates on ODEX movie releases Facebook: @ODEXanime Instagram: •

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In case you can’t see, that’s S$50 for GV members and S$55 for the public. Which looks like a ridiculous price until you take into account the goods they are giving for this screening, which includes:

  • 1 set of Japan Imported Button Badge Set (10 Designs)
  • 1 Limited Edition Memorial Coin
  • 1 Limited Edition Thermal Flask
  • 1 A4 Folder
  • 1 A2 Folder

Online Ez-link charms seem to have sold out

If using a card to tap is too mainstream, I remind you that Ez-link sells Ez-Charms, which are basically keychain versions of EZ-link cards.

That’s right. In a One Piece article, this means that GV is selling One Piece Ez-charms.

Except, Instagram comments seem to indicate that they have sold out online.

Image: Giphy

But, maybe they still have it in stores.

… what’re you waiting for?

As a poor writer with no bounty to my name, I will join their adventures by sailing the Blue Sea… if you know what I mean.

But my dear Goody Feed readers, I need you to know of this quote:

“Inherited Will, The Destiny of the Age, and The Dreams of the People. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom, these things will never cease to be!” – Gol D. Roger”


What I’m saying is, I may not have the gold to buy them, but you shall carry on with my dreams and enjoy the goods on my behalf.


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