Uniqlo Selling One-Piece Stampede UT Collection Since 29 Jul 2019

Uniqlo might have started out just another clothing brand that sells affordable clothes but they’re fast distinguishing themselves from the rest.

And by that, I mean their UT collections.

Their Uniqlo KAWS collection had people fighting over the clothes.

Image: Weibo

Their BT21 collaboration had fans trembling in their seats.

Image: shopinsg.com / Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page

Safe to say, Uniqlo’s the top dog when it comes to the fashion industry here in Singapore.

And Now, Uniqlo Is Prepped To Do It Again

Are you a One Piece fan?

Because if you are, you’ll be psyched to know that Uniqlo is doing a collaboration with One Piece.

Image: Uniqlo
Image: those-who-serve.com

Wait, didn’t they do a One Piece collaboration just recently?

Yes, that’s true, but this time, it’s special.

One Piece: Stampede

The movie features the One Piece crew making their way to an island to take part in a pirate festival.

It will be released on 9 Aug 2019 in Japan and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the anime.

But that’s not important.

What’s important is that the UT designs this time are “actual graphic t-shirt designs worn by characters in the film One Piece: Stampede”.

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Image: Giphy


There are ten different designs for the new series according to their website.

Including the Pirate Fest logo worn by TonyTony Chopper in the film.

Image: Uniqlo
Image: Uniqlo

The Master of Festivities.

Image: Uniqlo

Even One Piece: Stampede in words.

Image: Uniqlo

If you love Chopper, you’ll be psyched to know that there are two designs dedicated to that furry little doctor.

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A cool black version.

Image: Uniqlo

And a pink one that’s definitely not just for ladies. Pink is the new black, after all.

Image: Uniqlo

And seeing as it’s One Piece, it’ll be wrong if the main dude is left out of the design.

Presenting to you…a cooler version of Luffy, the rubber dude.

Image: Uniqlo

Love the pose.

Image: Uniqlo

So there you go, a UT collaboration that’s going to drive One Piece fans absolutely crazy.

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you for this?


You can purchase online here. Or just make your way to the physical stores.

You’re welcome!


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