Don’t Say Bojio: Phoon Huat 15% Off Storewide Sales at All 12 Outlets (3-9 Jan)


Chinese New Year is around the corner. If you don’t know which Chinese New Year goodies to buy at the supermarkets, why not bake your own?

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Phoon Huat will be offering a 15% discount on all items at all outlets including PH Delicatessen from 3rd January 2017 to 9 January 2017. The items on sale include pineapple paste, almonds, chocolate, containers and more. So why not bake some goodies with your friends and family rather than getting them off the shelf? It’s must tastier and healthier this way too! 

What can be better than homemade goodies which are delicious and affordable? Hurry down to Phoon Huat to get your baking ingredients now!

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