Don’t Say Bojio: Pizza Hut Meals That Are As Cheap as a McDonald’s Meal!

There’s a reason why we always opt for McDonald’s over Pizza Hut.

It’s cheaper. Way cheaper. In fact, there’s such a stark difference between them that you just feel like calling Mr Pizza Hut out, taking him by the scruff of his collar and asking them, “How dare you call yourself a Fast-food Restaurant?”

So what if I tell you that… Pizza Hut is introducing deals that will make their fare not just as affordable as McDonald’s, but maybe even cheaper?

I can imagine that look of disbelief on your face. I know; I can’t believe it either.

But that’s how the world works.

Introducing Pizza Hut’s “Great Meal Deals, ALL DAY EVERYDAY PROMOTION”.

Save up to $8.30 when you order one of their Great Meals!

Options include Hawaiian Personal Pan PizzaFish & ChipsSpaghetti Bolognaise and Mushroom Aglio Olio Pasta! And they come with a Soup of the Day and a Soft Drink too!

A meal consisting of an appetiser, a main and a drink for just $8.90? WORTH IT.

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

And I haven’t even gotten started yet, because it looks like Pizza Hut’s really pulling out all the stops in their latest promotional venture.

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For a limited time only, get your favourite pizzas at a hugely discounted rate when you order online or take-away!

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page
Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page
Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

And did I mention that there are 19 flavours you can choose from? NINETEEN.

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

At any time, any day!

Image: Pizza Hut Facebook Page

If there’s ever a time to jio your friends/family for Pizza Hut, or even if you just want to pig out on pizzas alone, NOW’s a good time to do it.

Don’t be like Xiao Hui and say bo jio ah!

And share this post so your friends won’t say you bo jio!

See you guys at Pizza Hut!

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