Don’t Say Bojio: Popeyes Coupon with New Chicken Dippers (Till 29 Jan)


As stated in the commandments of Goody Feed: “All coupons are good coupons and they shall be shared amongst everyone.”

After all, why not, right? We all get to save some money and enjoy ourselves a little more in this otherwise bleak and painful world.

Well, unless we’re talking about coupons with minimum purchase amounts (Ughh). Those coupons are a waste of paper, if you get what I mean.


Anyway, let’s talk about coupons which are not a waste of paper!

Fans of Popeye’s chicken, rejoice! For today, I present you with these coupons:


Huh, the words turned out a lot smaller than I expected it to…

If you would like to read the fine prints, here’s the link to the coupon!

Now, I am not a fan of fried food, but I am really tempted by the Have it all box combo meal! For $7.50, you will get:

  • 1pc Chicken
  • 1pc Chicken Tenders,
  • 2pc Chicken Dippers
  • 1 Ranch Sauce
  • 1 Reg. Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy
  • 1 Reg. SJORA®Mango Peach

Now I’m just hoping for larger portions of the chicken! (Hey, no point having so many items in your meal if they’re all bite-sized right?

Oh yes, before I forget, you’ll have to print out the coupon to enjoy the offer.


That’s… a little inconvenient. I have no idea why they aren’t using e-coupons though! (Sheesh, and I was still saying something about wasting paper just now)

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