Don’t Say Bojio: Puma Shoes at Less Than $17 in Johor Warehouse Sale

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Still recuperating from the Charles & Keith Warehouse sale that ended last week on 17 March?

Listen up because you’re in for a sweet treat my fellow shopaholics!

Another warehouse sale is happening but this time you’ll need to dig out your missing passport and visit the money changer because you’ll be headed for Johor Bahru.

Sport Planet Warehouse sale

Image: Sport Planet Off Season Sale

According to Today’s Mall Ulu Tiram, Sport Planet Warehouse Outlet will have a warehouse sale from now till 7 April 2019 at the Expo Hall located in Today’s Mall, Johor Bahru from 10AM to 10PM daily.

Enjoy up to 70% savings on shoes from highly sought after brands such as Puma, Adidas and Timberland. The price of Puma shoes start from 50 ringgit; that works out to be about S$17.

What! A! Steal!

Image: Sport Planet Off Season Sale

Yes, Hypebeasts, they have your kind of shoes too. For your information, 289 ringgit is equivalent to S$95.86.

As for those who enjoy playing badminton, you’d be thrilled to know that products from Yonex will be up for grabs too.

Image: Sport Planet Off Season Sale

Even if you don’t need them today, it doesn’t hurt to stock up for the future when they get worn out.

Getting there

Today’s Mall is located at Jalan Kota Tinggi, 81800 Johor Bahru.

According to Google Maps, it would take 26 minutes and approximately 1 hour 36 minutes to travel from City Square Mall to Today’s Mall via car and public transport respectively.

Car/ Grab

If you decide to drive, the best way is to use a GPS to navigate your way. If not, here’s a rough idea of the route to take.


Image: Google Maps

Alternatively, if you don’t want to Grab there, simply head down to the taxi counter near JB Customs. Over there, prices are fixed and as reasonable as Grab.

Public bus

Image: Google Maps

After travelling your usual route to City Square Mall in Johor Bahru, take BET2 from JB Sentral and alight at Jalan Cempedak, Berdekatan Terminal Ulu Tiram. Switch on your Google map and walk for 20 minutes before arriving at your destination – Today’s Mall.

For alternative ways to get to Today’s Mall, click here.


Of course, I recommend taking a Grab for the most efficient way to get to Today’s Mall fuss free. Be smart about it and go along with a few other friends to split the cost of the cab.

JB Warehouse sale starter pack

In light of this special warehouse sale held overseas, I took it upon myself to do up a quick list of essentials to take along for your trip to JB.

  • Roaming Connection: You need this just in case you get lost and to book a Grab car if you decide to go with that option. Also, to snap photos for your friends and family if you’re shopping on their behalf or a fickle-minded and need help deciding what to buy. Seriously, you’re still thinking of getting a SIM card?
  • Portable charger: Well, this is self-explanatory. To keep your only form of contact alive.
  • Portable fan: The journey to Today’s Mall is a long one, and with temperatures rising globally, escaping to Johor Bahru doesn’t mean you can escape the heat.
  • Foldable shopping bags: Being Singaporeans, shopping is in our blood. In the event you go crazy and end up wiping out their stocks, you can easily stuff all your loots into your handy shopping bags. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
  • Cold, hard cash: It is not stated whether they accept credit cards but to be safe and avoid unnecessary bank charges, it is recommended to bring extra cash to feed your shopping addiction.

You’re welcome!

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