Don’t Say Bojio: Rojak & Peach Teh-O Ice Cream Now Sold Exclusively On Redmart

Image: Redmart

You’ve heard of the usual flavours of ice cream – Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Then there were more variations like Earl Grey, Coffee, Red Bean, and such.

But now, there’s a new flavour and it’s none other than the Rojak flavour.

Image: Giphy

I know it sounds weird, but hear me out.

Pretty Good Despite The Name

Despite it being termed Rojak, the ice cream itself sounds pretty good. It is actually a refreshing green apple and cucumber sorbet, topped with crushed peanuts for that extra crunch!

Image: Redmart

In order to celebrate Singapore’s bicentennial year, Redmart collaborated with homegrown ice cream brand Ice Cream & Cookie Co to bring to us this uniquely Singaporean flavour served in a cup, along with two other flavours.

Onde Onde ice cream

And Peach Teh ‘O’ sorbet.

All Three Sold Together

These three flavours are sold as an exclusive three-cup set, which gives you the chance to enjoy all of them to counter the heat in Singapore.

The Onde Onde ice cream is made with fresh coconut water whereas the Peach Teh ‘O’ sorbet is made with real peaches!

All flavours are dairy-free and made with fresh produce from Redmart, so everyone can enjoy these refreshing flavours. Get your set of three now only on Redmart for S$9.90.

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Plus, Don’t Say Bojio

And psst, there’s an ongoing promotion until 30th September. If you purchase the ice cream, you will also be entitled to a free Redmart Fresh Scoops tote bag (U.P S$15) AND a 15% discount. This means that you’re only paying S$8.42 for three cups of ice cream and a bag!

Image: Screenshot from Redmart

Simply add the ice cream to your cart and select the design of tote bag you want. There are three designs to choose from – Rojak (Blue), Onde Onde (Green) and Peach Teh ‘O’ (Red).

Image: Screenshot from Redmart

So get yours now and enjoy!

Image: Giphy