Drinking Collagen Supplements Does Not Make a Person Look Younger


Last Updated on 2023-03-25 , 9:08 am

To some of us, collagen supplements are almost like a Godsend: they promise to turn back the time for you, and make you look years younger.

They’re expensive, yes, but their claims are just too good to refuse.

However, do they really work?

Here’s a basic science lesson: collagen is a protein that keeps your skin tight. The body will create its own collagen, but as one ages, this process deteriorates.

So, as we grow older, would collagen supplements help?

Firstly, it must be noted that most collagen molecules cannot be absorbed into the skin as they’re too big—there’re some new collagen skin care products that provide smaller collagen molecules, but the thing is that even if they get in through the skin, they might be rejected by the skin as foreign objects.

Now, back to the main topic: how about drinkable or edible collagen supplements that are everywhere? Do they work?

Many have claimed that collagen works best when ingested and then making its way to the skin.

But here’s what Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist, says in prevention.com: “For collagen fragments to be ingested, travel through the highly acidic digestive tract, and accumulate in the dermis (skin) is hard to imagine.”

And according to Dr Liow Tiong Sin’s website, an aesthetic practitioner from Malaysia, he indicates that “there is actually no scientific proof that collagen supplements have any effects on skin health and appearance at all.”


Whether that is true or not, it’s a fact that this is relatively new, and therefore we’ll have to wait and see.

However, most dermatologists would suggest this as to stay young: take care of your skin, drink lots of water and exercise regularly.

If you’ve got the extra money, go ahead and buy collagen supplements.

If not, spend that money on a gym membership instead. That will confirm-plus-chop make you look younger.