Drunk Man ‘Who’s Been to Jail Many Times’ Smashed Glasses After Failing to Cut Queue for the Toilet

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Since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the nightlife has been bustling with people and unfortunately, also violent incidents.

The latest to occur being a foreigner who had too much to drink and ended up causing a scene at a bar.

Refused to Queue for the Toilet

On 22 May, at around 1.15am, the 52-year-old Caucasian man started making a commotion at Drunk Skunk, a bar located along Circular Road.

He had gone to the bar with three other companions.

After consuming too much alcohol, the man refused to queue for the toilet, recalled the manager of the bar.

His antics then escalated into a dispute with others in the queue. Meanwhile, his friends tried to dissuade him but failed, as the man was very “strong” and “emotional”.

After breaking free from his friend, he picked up two glasses from the table and smashed them to use as weapons.

According to the manager, they tried to calm him down. However, the man was too drunk to have a proper conversation, so the police were called.

Hurt Another Customer

Before the police arrived, a few other customers tried to resolve the situation.

Unfortunately, a 47-year-old customer sustained a cut on his left elbow when the drunk man used a glass shard to cut him.

Fortunately, the injury was not serious, and the customer declined to be sent to the hospital.

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Uncooperative and Resisted Arrest

An Instagram video posted on the same day showed the same drunk man getting into a heated argument with several police officers.


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He could be heard accusing a female police officer of assault, saying, “Take your hands off me. I’ve been in jail so many times, I know the rules.”

“This is Singapore, not UK Sir,” the officer replied, urging the man “to comply” by providing some form of identification.

He was later seen being pinned to the ground by several police officers as he remained uncooperative by refusing to give his particulars to the police.


He also allegedly raised his voice and hurled vulgarities and racist comments at the officers.

The man was eventually arrested for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous means and using threatening language against a public servant under the Protection from Harassment Act, according to the police.

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