Fight At Cecil Street Club Happened ‘Coz Partygoers Expected Priority Queue As They Have a Premium Table


A group of men created a scene after being allegedly denied entry, hurling queue poles and brawling outside the club. Videos of this incident went viral on social media.

The club has since released a statement to clarify what really happened that night.

Left Club to Smoke, Didn’t Want to Queue to Re-enter

On the night of 6 May, a group of patrons left Cherry Discotheque temporarily to smoke. When they got back, they were told to queue to re-enter the club, as it was at maximum capacity.

They queued unhappily for about 10 minutes before they started to raise their voices at the staff members. The group said that they should be in a priority queue for re-entry as they booked a premium table.

However, the staff explained to them that all guests are treated equally, and they still have to wait in line till there was space in the club.

In response, the group continued to verbally abuse the staff and demanded to see the club’s managers.

Denied Re-entry, Told To Claim Belongings After Getting Refunded

Due to their behaviour, and also because the other people queueing were starting to look scared, the manager decided to deny them re-entry.

A staff member told the man who made the reservation for the table about the decision, and asked him to claim the group’s belongings from the club. The club also refunded him for their unconsumed drinks.

This sparked more outrage in the group, which started acting even more violently.

Attacked Club Staff

They pushed the other people in the queue, knocked over queue poles, and punched some staff.

The employees tried to retreat to break up the fight, but the group started flinging queue poles at them. The club’s bouncers managed to retreat and close the club’s doors, so that the group can’t go in and attack other customers.

One of the managers, after getting hit on the head by a queue pole, tried to walk away to call the police. However, he was attacked before he made the call.

Two more members of the group came other to kick the manager in the head after he fell to the ground, despite other patrons trying to shield him. The manager needed stitches behind his ear after going to the hospital.

Another employee managed to call the police, and the group fled shortly after.

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Group Returned, Bouncer Threw Queue Pole

The staff members were probably feeling relieved and waiting for the police to arrive when the group suddenly returned.


They started attacking the staff again, which prompted a club bouncer to throw a queue pole at them in defence. It would also create distance between the group and the club.

The club claims that this action was made “purely out of self-defence and the protection of themselves and [their] patrons”.

The group continued attacking with the queue poles, and even started demanding patrons delete any recordings of their attack. They then fled shortly before the police arrived.

Five Men Arrested, Two Taken to Hospital 

The police said that five men, aged 20 to 59, were arrested for rioting.

Two men, aged 21 and 30, were also brought to the hospital conscious.


Police investigations are in the works.

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