Drunken Woman Who Bit and Punched Police Officers Sentenced to 6 Months Of Jail

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What is a family reunion without a sprinkle of salt and a handful of unnecessary drama?

Don’t tell me that you haven’t watched enough movies to know that that’s just not a thing. From classics like The Parent Trap, and to the upcoming biopic about my transition to adulthood… The list goes on. 

Dump in a little too much alcohol – oops – and the result? A few headlines, a police sentence, and an estranged sister. This was the case for 27-year-old, New Zealand national, Katie Christina Rakich. 

Here’s what happened

On Monday, 14 October, Rakich was sentenced to 26 weeks of jail after being found guilty of injuring a public servant on the wee hours of 16 June 2019. 

According to TODAYonline, Christina had landed in Singapore on 15 June. She was visiting her sister who was a teacher here. The 27-year-old had already been slightly intoxicated upon arriving at her sister’s home at about 7.30 am. 

On the same day, together with her family, Christina went out to get some dinner – and some more booze. Afterwhich, she went for another round of booze at a bar. A killer combo. 

Things started to escalate upon the family’s arrival at her sister’s place later on that evening.

At around 2.30 am, a misunderstanding arose between Christina and her sister. In her drunken state, she started to go berserk. Her family was unable to calm her down. As a result, the authorities were called in for assistance. 

But of course, that only did so much. Whilst she was asked to present her passport, she grew agitated once again with her sister who was telling her that she wanted her out of the house. Christina reached out for a glass of water and hurled it towards her sister.

The police had enough and they decided to arrest Christina. 

An episode of Hysteria

Image: Tenor

On the way to the police station at Woodlands, Christina, visibly angered, became hysterical. She demanded her phone to be returned to her. 

Upon reaching the station, she was escorted out of the car by a female police officer who held her by her shoulders. But instead of complying with the authorities, she decided to pull a stunt.

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On a whim, she turned her head and bit the officer on her forearm. The bite was said to be very forceful and had left the victim in excruciating pain. She even held the bite for 10 seconds. 


Another officer responded to the scene and demanded his colleague be let go. According to him, she smirked and stared at the injured policewoman before she proceeded to punch a third officer in the ear. 

Image: Giphy

The officer who was bitten was given a tetanus vaccine and hepatitis vaccine, as she was concerned about getting blood-borne communicable diseases.

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She Showed Exemplary Conduct

Christina could have been sentenced to eight months behind bars if not for her lawyer who asked for sentence to be lowered to five months instead. Her lawyer, SS Dhillon told the district charge Marvin Bay, that his client had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013.

He said, “While we accept that her intoxication was not an excuse or defence for her unfortunate acts, it’s due to this (mental condition) that led her to behave in an irrational manner.”


“Truth be told, she is by nature not a hostile or violent person. In all the organisations she worked in, she showed exemplary conduct”, he added.

The judge took note of Christina’s condition. However, it is reported that she has yet to be examined by a psychiatrist since her remand. In her defence, her lawyer stated that his client could not afford the services nor were there existing facilities that offered such services.

For causing injuries to a public servant, she could have been jailed for up to seven years, fined or both.

So, what have we learned?

Not all humans are all bark and no bite.