DTL Disruption: 10 Facts About This Event During Open House That Made It a…Closed House?


If you recall, CCAs have this habit of exhibiting their most noteworthy aspect during Open House, so that people will be drawn in like a flock of pigeons after breadcrumbs.

Well, the train transport system in Singapore is no different.

During the DTL 3 Open house, they showcased the element that made them so “successful”.

Train delays.

It was abrupt

On 15 October, at around 12:40 p.m., train service was halted between Bukit Panjang and Beauty World stations on the Downtown Line 2.

Services along Downtown Line 3 were also affected.

Train fault near Hillview Station

An announcement of the train fault was broadcasted in trains, and commuters were instructed to get off at Ubi station.

A defective train near Hillview station had been hogging the line, and that had caused the entire service to be disrupted.

It was announced online

The fault only got online at 1:02 p.m., 20 minutes after train service was suspended.

Image: SBS Transit Twitter
Image: SBS Transit Twitter (Note: wrong time and date)

Service got back up at 1.21pm

Image: SBS Transit Twitter

Ms Tammy Tan, SBST’s senior vice-president of corporate communications, had this to say.

“Regular service resumed about 40 minutes later at about 1:20 p.m. after the defective train was taken off the line. We apologize to affected passengers for the inconvenience caused. Meanwhile we are investigating the cause of the fault.”


But was it really at 1:21 p.m.?

While SBS Transit certainly thinks so, netizens were convinced otherwise.

Image: SBS Transit Twitter (Note: wrong time and date)

“Why is your train still delayed at 4:07 .p.m.? Please don’t post the wrong information to mislead us.”

“DTL still down!”

“Still delay as of 3:40 p.m.”

Commuters spoke out

Several commuters affected by the newest train delay were interviewed by the Straits Times, and their reactions were mixed.

Engineer Chu Ern Teng, 43, and his family were made to wait around 20 minutes at the Bedok Reservoir station platform, because the train going towards Fort Canning refused to budge.

“It is disappointing that this had to happen and it has spoilt our day a little and caused a bit of unhappiness. I do hope it will run smoothly once it opens,” he told The Straits Times.

A commuter who wished to be known only as Agnes, was stuck at Geylang Bahru station for 30 mins. However, she was more positive about it.

“(The delay) is a small thing, we can still enjoy the activities and free rides,” said the administrator, 55.

It’s not SMRT; it’s SBST.

Before you point your finger at SMRT and whisper, “You again…?”, I would just like to clarify that this time, it’s not their fault.


The Downtown Line is operated by SBS Transit, not SMRT.

Time for a new scapegoat, guys?

But it’s all under the Ministry of Transport

Which means that technically, Khaw Boon Wan is still the head of it. But to his credit, he did try his best.

Late last month, he had invited 8 religious leaders to bless the Downtown Line 3.

Image: theindependent.sg

He was pretty excited about it too.

“We are counting down to the opening of #DowntownLine3 on 21 October. Everyone in LTA and SBS Transit Ltd is excited as we enter the final phase of our preparations for the DTL journey. We invited religious leaders from the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore to have a preview of two stations and also to try out a stretch of DTL3. They were gracious and took the opportunity to offer their prayers for our workers and commuters.
“The completion of #DTL3 will cap more than a decade of intense work. We are all eagerly awaiting the opening, and especially those who live along this new stretch of MRT line. For other commuters, DTL3 will be another way to connect to the east!”

Erm… Mr Khaw.


I hate to be the one to break it to you, but I think the blessings might not have worked?

Open house

The Land Transport Authority had organized a series of activities at the new stations, with Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health Dr Lam Pin Min attending as well.

Singapore Civil Defence Force officers were also at hand, not to prevent accidental fires from breaking out, but to give the public guided tours to see the MRT Civil Defence shelters at Geylang Bahru, Bedok Reservoir and Tampines West stations.

The event offered free train rides and previews of the 16 new stations from Fort Canning to Expo, and attracted close to 360,000 people.

The official opening of the Downtown Line 3

Service on the Downtown Line 3 will commence this Saturday, on 21 October.


Rides will be free on 21 & 22 Oct, when you “start & end your journey at any of the 34 stations on the DTL.”

The opening of the 21km-long DTL 3 will signify the conclusion of the 42km Downtown Line. It will also become the lengthiest underground and driverless MRT line, overtaking the previous reigning champion 35.7km Circle Line.

Well, let’s just hope that the actual service would differ.

Because if there’s one thing Singaporeans can’t stand, it’s train disruptions.

Got our hint yet, SBST?

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