Durian Lovers, Good News: Sellers Say Musang King Durians Will Remain Cheap

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Fun fact: Durian is vegan. Also another fun fact: Durian prices will stay cheap.

Previously, we told our Durian kakis about Mao Shan Wang (MSW)/Musang King dropping to S$10/kg. More accurately, it is S$10~S$15/kg, which is half the price last year in the same month.

Image: Imgflip

You say S$10/kg? But where? I see the lowest S$15 leh.

We also not really sure why it was reported to be S$10. Maybe there was missing information like “S$10 for the lowest of lowest quality MSW” or “S$10 before importing”.

But this is for sure: low MSW prices will stay.

Endless supply + Ramadan = Cheap Durian

Don’t LIE to me again! Where your sources this time?!

Ok, ok, I’m a shit journalist, but we got CNA and TODAYonline this time.

Chairman for Pahang’s fruit farmers’ association, Ms Melissa Yap, told CNA and TODAYonline that people living in Malaysia are not eating as many durians because of fasting, and the good weather meant a bumper crop for many states, which led to the low prices.

In Raub, Pahang, MSW decreased from RM50 (S$16.44)/kg last year, to about RM30 (S$9.86)/kg this week. Hey, maybe that’s where the S$10/kg came from.

And Pahang’s biggest wave of fruit fall in June hasn’t even come yet. Which means EVEN more supply of durians later on. Johor and Penang have already produced the bumper crop of MSW.

When Ramadan ends on 5 June, the official date for Hari Raya Puasa, prices will probably stabilise for the whole season until July as people start to eat more.

You know what this means…

Image: Imgflip

Quality will also improve

Mr Lim Chin Khee, an agricultural science graduate from Universiti Putra Malaysia and owner of a small plantation in Raub, confirmed that the bumper crops for MSW and other varieties were due to favourable weather conditions.

And the even better news? This also boosted the quality of durians.


Image: quickmeme.com

Raub, as he estimates, could produce around 30,000 to 50,000 tonnes of durians in the peak season from May to July. He also adds that the prices for MSW will soon stabilise.

Just some quick maffs: at 40,000 tonnes, which is 40000000kg, and at an average price of S$10, that’s S$400 million worth of durians from Raub alone.

Singapore Durian Stalls agree, and Durians half priced compared to last year

It’s not just the suppliers in Malaysia; durian stall uncles here also say the prices will be cheap cheap.

Ah Hung Sultan Durian says that there is a “non-stop supply” from Johor, Pahang and Penang, and with more incoming from Raub, Pahang, “maybe the price will drop even more”.

Their MSW was S$20/kg and above on Tuesday, while last year it was S$30/kg.


Another stall, Chin Yong Fruits Trading, sells MSW from Muar and Pagoh, Johor. Their store manager Ah Kim says some MSW were being sold at S$15/kg, though “black gold” Mao Shan Wang were at S$30/kg. This is compared to S$30 to S$45/kg last year.

If you’re a durian noob like me, “black gold “MSW has a “deep, bitter, complex flavours with a musky, seductive (repugnant to some) aroma”, according to iEatiShootiPost. And those which are good enough are also known as King of Kings.

So what are you waiting for?

This year’s durian is the definition of CHEAP and GOOD. For literally everything, always remember this:

Image: Giphy

Which means it won’t be fast (because fasting is also ending, geddit). We are already living in the moment. Brace yourself for the durian connoisseur crowd. Join them. It will be worth it.

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