Mao Shan Wang Has Officially Dropped to $10 Per Piece in S’pore

Durian Kakis, you know what season it is. No, not Durian season. That one everybody knows.

It’s Durian price drop season. Specifically, Mao Shan Wang (MSW) price drop.

That means we no longer have to hold in our desires anymore if money was a concern.

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Actually, we all know that price drop is just an excuse to eat more MSW since we’ll be spending the same amount anyway.

Mao Shan Wang from S$28/kg to S$10/kg

Previously, we intro you to Marriott Cafe’s Durian High-Tea Buffet from 3 June to 31 July 2019. So the smarter ones among you probably already knew this was coming. I mean, there’s so much expected MSW that they prepared a buffet leh.

MSW price has officially dropped from it’s starting $28/kg to the current S$10/kg, dropping almost daily. And yep, the reason is because of large supplies.

But it’s not just Mao Shan Wang

Right now most of the supplies in Singapore are MSW, but following that Red Prawn, D1, D13, XO, Black Pearl, Butter King, and other Durian varieties are also expected to drop in price.


If you need a refresher on what durians to eat, you can check out this guide on the different varieties.

We’re almost Phase Two

We talked about the 3 phases of Durian seasons in this article:

  1. Early harvest (starting from May)
  2. Peak durian supply and quality (mid-June to August)
  3. Selling of leftover durians from the peak

Don’t wait too long and go too cheap, because MSW is pretty popular, and even with incoming supplies some of the stalls still manage to sell out.

But if you need a little more convincing to eat Durians, here’s another reason:

It’s not only the best time for Durian in the year, but it’s also the best century

You guys living in this century probably don’t know how bad it was for Durian lovers in the past. By the past, I meant the early 20th century.

(I’d like to think I’m an immortal vampire and that’s my personal experience, but I’m not that old. It’s all historical records.)

In the past, it almost seemed like almost everybody is a Durian addict.

Durian skins created such a problem that coolies working for the Sanitary Board had to pick them up one by one. It’s to the point where Durians were such a problem that Durians caused traffic congestion and damaged motor tires, even resulting in car accidents.

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Think about that. Durian skins puncturing motor tires and resulting in car accidents. It’s something you’d expect out of a cartoon.

How much of a problem was that?

In 1972, Minister of the Environment Lim Kim San suggested “$1 duty on each durian fruit imported into Singapore, to cover the high disposing fruit of the skins”.

Thankfully, all that isn’t happening today, so eat your durians people.

But thinking on the fact that Durians damaged motor tires, is it time to build an armour out of Durian shells? Wait a minute…

Image: Kamen Rider Fandom, Durian Arms
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