Durian Season Starting Next Month & S’poreans Will Begin To See A Drop in Durian Prices

Oh durians, can you believe such a controversial fruit reigns as monarch?

People say you either love or hate it, though I have actually managed to find a whole camp of people in the middle.

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(Not this boy though)

If you’re on the hate side of the spectrum, go away, and if you’re not then you may be glad to hear that the durian season is going to hit next month.

Now, fruit seasons aren’t as big a thing to fret over anymore because the seasons don’t sync across the globe and we’re constantly importing from all over, so you’ll rarely find yourself totally void of certain products at any point in time.

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That said, read on anyway because the durians pouring in from Malaysia are going to really spike the supply.

Durian Season Starts in May

As mentioned, durians are going to start storming the border next month, so you can start gorging yourself pretty early this year.

That said, the rule of fruit seasons apply, which says it’s always better to wait a while for the supply and quality of the fruits to peak. This year’s durian season will crest in June, so that’s when you should really be going ham (or durian).

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The Three Phases

According to The NewPaper, Mr Lim, the owner of Durian Culture, a durian enterprise that supplies to retail outlets and major supermarkets in Singapore, said that the season is divided into three phases.

The early harvest phase will spread over about 2 months, starting in May.

Phase two is basically the crest we talked about (ie when you’ll want to buy your durians), and it goes from mid-June to August.

Mr Lim affirms that that’s when the “supply of durians is greater, which means consumers get to choose better quality”.

Applying fundamental economics, this is also when the durians will be at their cheapest so that’s when you should hold your durian party with your family, extended family and friends.

Yes, Phase two is where you want to be when your durian cravings hit.

Phase three, right after phase one (just kidding, it’s after phase two hundred and forty-seven) harvests and sells durians that have been hanging around for a while, so the quality will start creeping down again.

The Selection

According to The New Paper, Mr Goh Kwee Leng, 67, owner of Durian Empire (717 Trading), says the supplies coming in include:

  • Mao Shan Wang
  • D13
  • D24
  • XO durians

Mao Shan Wang durians will be harvested first and D24 later, according to the time they fall.

You can find out more about the flavours and textures of the different varieties here.

Enjoy! (soon, not now)

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