E-Scooter Dropped on Van & Cracked Its Viewscreen; Owner MIA Since Then


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse with them E-Scooters. Gone were the days where you just had to pay attention to the roads because of idiots irresponsibly riding E-Scooters.

You thought you would be fine as long as you’re driving? Of course not. You’ll never know when an E-Scooter will appear in front of your car, forcing you to step on your brakes and cause an accident.

Yeap, E-Scooters somehow became a modern day plague due to the general stupidity of some of its users.

Now that both drivers and pedestrians are being cautious about E-Scooters, E-Scooter riders are desperately finding a better way to cause traffic accidents.

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And I think they might have found a way.

Here, have a look at this video:

E-scooter falls onto van in Tech Whye Crescent

WATCH: An e-scooter falls from an HDB block in Teck Whye Crescent and hits a van, cracking its windscreen. (Video: Jason Yu)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Friday, 5 January 2018

In case you’re wondering, yes. An E-Scooter dropped onto a van. Now they come from the skies.

And no, it’s not like a graceful eagle swooping down on a prey. It’s more like a Snorlax using bodyslam on a poor soul.

A van was minding its own business in its natural habitat(roads and carpark) when a foreign invasive species attacked from above, cracking the windscreen of the poor van.

The owner of the van, Jason Yu, said that the damage to the van cost $2500 to fix. According to Mr Yu, no one had come forward to claim the E-Scooter since the incident.


The police said that the incident took place at 165A Tech Whye Crescent on 30 Dec at about 8 am.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

The incident has been classified as a case of rash act and police investigations are ongoing.

As some netizens have pointed out, it is possible that the E-Scooter did not belong to the culprit.

After all, why would you intentionally break something this expensive, right?

Image: Channel NewsAsia Facebook

Either way, let’s just be glad that no one was injured in this incident. Can you imagine if the E-Scooter actually hit someone on the head instead of the van?

Now that’s something I would rather not imagine. I hope the police will be able to find the person responsible soon, since a monster like that should be sent off to its natural habitat – behind bars.

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