E-Scooter Rider Warded in ICU After Accident With Bus at CCK

Image: Jaromir Chalabala / Shutterstock.com (Image is for illustration purpose only)

For a long time, e-scooters have been condemned as nothing less than abominations that should be eradicated off the face of this Earth.

But I disagree. For just like everything else, e-scooters aren’t to blame.

Their riders are.

To exemplify, just look at some of the many e-scooter incidents that have happened in sunny Singapore.

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See the similarity? Because I do. For those e-scooters weren’t out there piloting themselves.

Riders were.

And yet, despite repeated warnings and perhaps even provocations, riders failed to realise one thing.

It’s not just others they’re posing a threat to when they indulge in such reckless road behaviour.

They’re endangering themselves too.

And this particular case I’m about to talk about might be the perfect example of that notion.

Meet Dave (not his real name)

At 15 years of age, one would expect him to do one of two things:

Study so hard his brain starts short-circuiting…

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Or enjoy life in all its wildest forms.

Unfortunately, he chose to meddle with an e-scooter.

Which doesn’t exactly coincide well with somewhat reckless behaviour on the road.

On Tuesday night (11 Dec), SMRT Bus service 307 was turning left at a junction when Dave rode across the pedestrian crossing on his borrowed e-scooter. The traffic light was green…

In the bus’ favour.

Following the accident, the boy reportedly tried to get up and leave, but he was halted by passers-by who told him not to move.

Thereafter, the boy was sent to the National University Hospital, where he was subsequently warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). According to reports, he suffered liver damage from the collision.

None of the passengers on the bus nor the driver were hurt.


On Wednesday (12 Dec), Dave’s mother had told Shin Min that her son is unconscious and in a stable condition. She has reportedly never approved of him riding e-scooters, and the family does not own any such personal mobility devices. On that fateful night, Dave had borrowed his friend’s e-scooter and henceforth got into the accident.

SMRT has given a statement as well.

“Our immediate concern is for the well-being of the injured e-scooter rider,” an SMRT spokesman said, adding that SMRT has liaised with the victim’s family to provide necessary support.

Police investigations are currently ongoing.

End Game

Honestly speaking, it was nothing but a stroke of really bad luck.

Unlike previous e-scooter victims, Dave had apparently not been piloting his PMD like he’s on the highway to Hell. He also did not zigzag across roads like he’s Lightning McQueen.

The only thing he did wrong here was ignore the traffic light instructions, and let’s face it; how many of us actually obey the green man when it’s nighttime and human traffic’s dwindling?

But of course, I’m not trying to validate Dave’s actions here. He did do wrong, and he did suffer the consequences. All I’m saying is that, sometimes…

Luck really plays a part.

Ride safe, everyone.