Earth’s Magnetic Field is Suddenly Weakening, Causing Satellites & Spacecraft to Malfunction

The United States’ Department of Defence has got us settled on the debunking the myth surrounding extraterrestrial life. The possibility of a parallel universe is suddenly no longer just science fiction.

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It’s been a groundbreaking year for science this year, even though we called the existence of aliens before they even confirmed it.

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And in 2020, something else that scientists have discovered is that our planet’s magnetic field has mysteriously weakened.


This has led to some malfunctions in the run of Earth’s satellites and spacecraft.

Earth’s Magnetic Field Weakens Between Africa and South America

According to scientists who have been studying the phenomenon, the South Atlantic Anomaly has observed considerable growth over the years.

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The scientists have yet to come up with a clear reason as to why this is so.

To put it simply for your understanding, here is a little crash course on what is what:

  • The South Atlantic Anomaly is an area that is formed by a portion of the Van Allen Belt. The area extends over much of South America.
  • The Van Allen radiation belt is a pair of donut-shaped clouds which store and trap charged energy particles from solar winds and cosmic rays. These are held together by the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • By doing so, the magnetic field deflects the said particles protecting and preventing the destruction of the earth’s atmosphere.
  • The magnetic field also plays a crucial role in ensuring that our telecommunication and satellite systems are in check.

It’s put, it’s something important that keeps our earth normal lah.

South Atlantic Anomaly Faces an 8% Drop in Strength 

With the help of data gathered by the European Space Agency, researchers have found that the anomaly’s strength has dropped by 8% between 1970 and 2020.

Jürgen Matzka from the German Research Centre for Geosciences told the Independent, “We are very lucky to have the Swarm satellites in orbit to investigate the development of the South Atlantic Anomaly. The challenge now is to understand the processes in Earth’s core driving these changes.”

According to the European Space Agency, these changes could possibly be a sign that the Earth’s magnetic field is about to reverse.

Which means that North and the South Pole could switch places.

The last recorded occurrence of a “geomagnetic reversal” was not too long ago, like about 780,000 years ago.

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Geomagnetic Reversal Could Kill Us All But It’s Less Likely To Happen

A geomagnetic reverse could lead to an episode of “devastating streams of particles from the sun, galactic cosmic rays, and enhanced ultraviolet rays from a radiation-damaged ozone layer”.

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Kind of like what happened in The Core but less drastic.


Like what I said earlier, the Earth’s magnetic fields play a crucial role in protecting the planet and its telecommunication and satellite systems.

It’s a popular doomsday theory which also suggests an apocalyptic setting of a world without telecommunication and life in some parts of the Earth.

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However, scientists have also been quick to note that while this is a possibility, it is unlikely that the Earth’s magnetic field is reversing.

The European Space Agency explained that it could take thousands of years for another geomagnetic reversal to occur.

“The mystery of the origin of the South Atlantic Anomaly has yet to be solved,” the space agency stated. “However, one thing is certain: magnetic field observations from Swarm are providing exciting new insights into the scarcely understood processes of Earth’s interior.”

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Indeed, the more you know. 

We won’t die lah, but it might just affect our GPS signal.


Or maybe…aliens finally buay tahan with how the authorities are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, and have finally made their way here to help us?

Who knows.

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