Mall Explains Why So Many Cockroaches Appeared on East Point Mall Carpark

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On one fine day, you see a black patch on the wall of a building.

As you go closer to examine it, your imagination starts to run wild, imagining the worst: a swarm of ants.

Luckily, it’s not.

It’s something worse. An army of cockroaches. 

*Cue the screams*

Man Discovers Over a Hundred Cockroaches on Carpark Wall

On 30 May afternoon, a Facebook user, Leslie Teng Pang Liang, uploaded a post on Facebook Group Complaint Singapore addressing his concerns on the cleanliness standards of the East Point Mall near Simei MRT station.

Within the post, he uploaded two photos showing that many cockroaches had appeared on the wall of the mall’s underground carpark. In the photos, over a hundred cockroaches can be seen gathered on the wall, forming a dark spot the size of a palm as they were unmoving.

On the area nearer to the ground, there were even a few cockroaches that could be seen crawling around.

Other than the carpark, the cockroaches also appeared in the loading and unloading bay, as well as other areas.

In his post, Teng commented that he “hope[d] this image [would] not affect your lunch.”

After seeing the photos, many users left comments expressing their concern for this hygiene problem. They hoped that the mall would solve the problem as soon as possible.

And I’m pretty sure it has affected many people’s lunch.

Pests Have Since Been Exterminated 

According to Lianhe Zaobao, a reporter visited the scene on the day that the post was uploaded, and indeed saw cockroaches on the walls of the carpark. However, the cockroaches looked as if they had been glued to the wall, and were unable to move around.

At that point, three workers carrying equipment arrived at the scene. They started spraying the cockroaches with some kind of liquid, before using a vacuum-like equipment to suck away the cockroaches, thus clearing the wall.

The workers later told the reporter that it was his first time coming to a mall to handle a cockroach problem. He suspected that during the cleaning of the underground sewage system earlier, the cockroaches had been forced to leave their hideout in the sewage system.

He also revealed that the cockroaches had been stuck on the wall without moving, because they had placed a certain medicine there earlier.


After the mall was notified of the problem, they had immediately hired a pest control company to exterminate the cockroaches. They also announced that they would provide pest extermination services for the entire carpark.

Responding to Lianhe Wanbao’s queries, a spokesman of East Point Mall said that they had received the notification on 30 May, and had immediately hired a pest extermination company to get rid of the cockroaches.

“We’ve also cleaned every corner of the carpark, so as to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the environment,” said the spokesperson. They also expressed their regret for the inconvenience caused by the incident, claiming that they would take further steps when needed.

Featured Image: Facebook (Leslie Teng Pang Liang)

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