Eating Raw Chicken, Known as Chicken Sashimi, is Actually Dangerous

Sometimes food trends can be a hit or a miss…but this time around it is deadly.

Social media was shook when someone posted a picture of a raw chicken saying that it is cooked medium-rare and it is healthy.


Even I was like….


I didn’t think much of it; just assumed that it was a joke.

But nope, this is a legit thing being sold in restaurants!

Chicken Sashimi

According to an article by Independent, uncooked chicken aka chicken sashimi is ubiquitous in Japan.

Just look at it.

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How does this look appetising?

The chicken is boiled and seared for about 10 seconds and it is ready to be eaten.

Apparently, you can get this grotesque dish in America as well.

Located in Berkeley California, Ipuuku serves up chicken tartare.

The owner, Christian Geiderman told online news media that he gets his chickens from small farms (not factory farms) to ensure it is of the highest quality and he uses the inner breast part of the chicken to make the dish as it is well protected.


Why is uncooked chicken dangerous

It is a no-brainer that uncooked chicken is a breeding ground for dangerous microbes such as salmonella and e.coli.

The Japanese are well aware of the potential health risks as their Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare warned them about eating uncooked chicken, Independent reported.

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert told Independent that some people claim that raw foods are more nutritious than cooked food because enzymes, along with some nutrients, are destroyed in the cooking process.

Food must be cooked at high temperatures, above 75 degrees Celsius.

Don’t worry, I doubt it will be available in Singapore.

But then again…

Why beef can be eaten medium-rare?

We call it a slab of steak for a reason. Beef meat is extremely dense making it hard for bacteria to penetrate through the meat.

That is why there are dishes like Steak Tartare and medium-rare steak.


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