New IG Video Shows 39YO Edison Chen Aged Into Andy Lau Like Infernal Affairs

About a year ago, Edison Chen made the news after he was filmed getting aggressive over a live video, when he had initially politely refused to be filmed but the cameraman persisted instead. Back then, the 38-year-old looked 28:

Image: Facebook (東森新聞)

A year later, the world changed.

And no, I’m not talking about COVID-19.

Instead, Edison aged so much in a year, you’d wonder if he’s living in 2030 instead of 2020.

The Hunk Who Taught Us a Lesson About Hard Disk

Lest you’re not aware, back in 2002, a masterpiece movie, Infernal Affairs, screened in cinemas and it was so well-received, it has two sequels and even a Hollywood remake. It’s 2020, and the phase, “Sorry, I’m a cop” is still mouthed by people who don’t want to compromise.

In the movie, Edison, then a young 22-year-old relatively new celebrity, played a young Andy Lau.

Then things happened in the next 18 years.

The Edison photo scandal happened, and while we now make sure we’ve wiped our hard disk clean before sending it for repair, Edison slowly faded away from the big screen, appearing only in a few films, mostly as cameos. Instead, he focused on his music career.

But it was this year that he got the attention of his fans again.

Edison Chen Can Now Play Andy Lau In Real Life

Edison, just like many celebrities, is extremely active in Instagram. For him, he post mainly images of his daughter, with his face appearing only in a few posts.

But early this year, this image went viral:

Most of his images garnered less than 10k likes, but this particular image got a whopping 75k likes, and it’s not because of the unconventional breakfast or that it was a Valentine’s Day post. Instead, it’s the uncanny resemblance to Andy Lau.

Other images, which might or might not have been filtered, portrays a more…”Edison look”.

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CAUGHTUP / inthematrix

A post shared by Edison Chen (@edcee3000) on

Do note that the above image was posted after the Andy-Lau-lookalike post.

And last month, in an IG live session, it’s rather obvious that age hasn’t caught up well with him, as he now looks more like a backstreet uncle instead of a backstreet boy.

Image: Instagram

If we ever need an Infernal Affairs VI, the producers would know who to look for.

In the meantime, lest you didn’t know how Andy Lau looks like, here you go:

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