Egg Prata with Fish Curry Potato Chips Reviews: Good Curry Taste But No Prata Taste

Previously, I wrote a pretty sumptuous piece on F.EAST’s latest offering, Egg Prata with Fish Curry, in which I made no effort to conceal my fascination with it.

Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

Well guess what; it seems that the Wise Old Man has heard our prayers, as…

This exquisite apparel just flew into our office a few days back.

Alongside a pretty interesting note, which I must say sounds really tempting 😉

Geezus Pucking Prist…

I haven’t been this excited since I had my first bite of Jia Yuen Eating House’s Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken rice.

First look

Now, we all know how it’s gonna taste like… seeing how it’s like stated right on the front… page. But what about the mother of them all, the aesthetics? After next to zero deliberation, we decided to take a closer look.

Mmmm, crinkle-cut chips!


Interest piqued, I lean in for a closer look.

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Well, I can see why people always say:

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Because blimey; I can’t tell these chips taste of egg prata at all.


As a wise old man once preached: “It can look like the best thing you never had, but if it tastes like shit you’re really better off without it.”

And while I’ve tasted quite a lot of gems, I’ve also, unfortunately, had to contend with a couple of… shit. And let’s be honest. Potato chips that sound like Egg Prata with Fish Curry, while undeniably interesting, aren’t exactly the most tempting to try. Not because it sounds like a bad combination, but because it sounds like such a hard taste to incorporate.

As such, I sink my lusty paws into the packet and draw out a single chip.

Look at my fingers. So manly, so nice, so delicious. Wait, you guys were focusing on the yellow thingy?

I then tentatively proceed to place in on the roof of my oh so slimy tongue.

First taste?

Egg Prata.

Incredibly, F.EAST’ve actually somehow incorporated the taste of Egg Prata into Potato Chips. What the heck?

Nice fingers. Again.

But then hold up, because that’s when the second taste kicks in.

Fish Curry.

But hold up again, because it’s not just your average run-of-the-mill fish curry. In fact, it’s…

A spicy one.

Indeed, I spent the next seven seconds sitting back in my chair, reeling from the taste of fish curry in my mouth.


But make no mistake. As I reach for my second piece, I could only process one single thought:

This shit is good.

Indeed, it’s a welcome distraction from all the other conventional chips out there, and its unique flavour really kicks in. Not in a bad way too, but a pleasant one. Though to be fair, it does get kinda salty after a while, so prepare some water if you’re going to chug down the whole pack.

Anyways, I proceeded to let my colleagues try (because I’m too kind for my own good), and after ten seconds the packet was finished. Clean as a whistle.


But there’s a general consensus here.

Everyone liked what they ate.

Words from 10 Bukit Batok Crescent (that’s where our shitty office is located, anyways)

“Is it curry chips, or egg prata chips? I can only taste the curry.” – Resident Production Executive who likes to drink plain water with lemon

“I just taste the curry leh. Where’s the prata? You prata me izzit?” – Resident Managing Editor who manage the cats in the office

“It’s just curry lah. Why are you eating this instead of working? I beg you, can you at least spend one minute to work per day? We need to look like we’re working leh, if not people might think we’re some startup with lots of investors’ money leh. Wait, eating is working?” – Bossy Boss whose name isn’t Hugo

So yeah, everyone’s loving it, except for the simple fact that it tastes merely like curry without the prata.

Then the boss whose name isn’t Hugo added, “But this one at least better than the what, Laksa or Chicken Rice or Nasi Lemak chips?”

Final Verdict

Want some unconventionally flavoured chips? Want some good unconventionally flavoured chips?

F.EAST is your… potato.

Indeed, I can see myself getting another one. And another one. And maybe another one. As Gordon Ramsay himself would probably put it…

Image: Meme Center

Final rating: 4/5

Where to get it?

At present moment, you can get the tasty treat from B1, Raffles XChange (from 10-21 September), where F.EAST will be running a “4 for S$10” launch promotion in the first week until 14 September 2018. But since 14 September is over, and you can’t time travel, you’ll have to get it in its full price.

Alternatively, you can get it on Redmart, which is a viable option seeing how online deliveries are all the rage now.

Additionally, you can also get it island-wide from the following retailers:

  • 7-Eleven from 22 September 2018 onwards
  • Giant from 22 September 2018 onwards
  • NTUC Fairprice from 4-10 October 2018

So it really depends on whether you guys can stand the wait.

Image: Imgur
Image: Imgur

P.s. And for all the health fanatics out there, here’s a little gift.

Well, just don’t cram three packets in one go, and you should be just fine. 🙂