Egg Prata with Fish Curry Potato Chips Would Be Available from 10 Sept

Step aside, salted egg potato chips. You’re so 2008. Instead, lay the red carpet for the megastar flavour that will soon grace our shores.

Egg Prata with Fish Curry POTATO CHIPS.

Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

Yes, my thirsty ladies and gentlemen.

Shit just got real.

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Egg Prata with… WHAT?

I know it’s hard to digest; potato chips might have come in various unique flavours so far, with white chocolate, Hainanese chicken rice and laksa being the most quirky so far, but…

Egg prata with fish curry?

That, my hooded counterparts, is essentially taking it to the next level.

But before we feast our eyes at the juicy part, let me just beat around the bush for a bit and introduce the backstory behind this whole revelation.

On 25 August, Potato Chips maestro F.EAST (behind the aforementioned Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa flavours) teased a new addition to the family.

Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

And on 1 September, the ever cock-blockers released another teaser.

Is your stomach ready for our next #LocalFLAVOURite chips?

Posted by F.EAST on Friday, 31 August 2018

But it wasn’t until yesterday (4 Sep) at 12:30 p.m. that they finally stopped cockblocking this whole shit. And suffice it to say…

The wait was all worth it.

The wait is over… Introducing our hot new #LocalFLAVOURite, EGG PRATA WITH FISH CURRY CHIPS! Available at Raffles Xchange and Redmart from 10 September 2018!

Posted by F.EAST on Monday, 3 September 2018

Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

Do you know what this means? You won’t have to head to your local coffee shop for some classic egg ol’ prata with fish curry anymore.

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Just pop open a packet and you’ll get that exact flavour, complete with potato, chips and cutesy designs on the mentioned packet.

Does life get any better?

Now, we have yet to try it, and thus can’t really reveal how it tastes like. But if F.EAST’s previous offerings were anything to go by…

We reckon you can really taste some egg pratas in a plastic packet.

And just hear the excitement from the crowd!

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Image: F.EAST Facebook Page
Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

And if this Netizen didn’t have a really long nose…

Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

We dare say you’re in for a treat.


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If you’ve never heard of F.EAST before, don’t worry; you’re not alone. And that’s why I’ve gone to the lengths of preparing this little backstory for you guys… because you guys deserve nothing but the best.

Editor’s note: don’t lie la, you just want to fill up the word quota right. Mai keh keh

Image: F.EAST Facebook Page

According to their Facebook page, their story began like any other:

One day they questioned themselves why potato chips aren’t taking on more local flavours and as such they started F.EAST a.k.a. a line of potato chips “inspired by Asia’s diverse cultures and mouth-watering cuisines” although in the end they really just want to eat chips in flavours they love and crave for.

So many grammatical mistakes within that one (it’s my own version by the way, the actual creators possess way better Grammar), but the point’s clear:

They love potato chips, and they love local flavours.

Small wonder why there’s an actual Egg Prata with Fish Curry version of Potato Chips now.


So what are you waiting for?

Oh wait, the official release date’s not until 10 September. 5 more days of torturous waiting then.

Image: Giphy

But hey, as a wise old man once said, good things come to those who wait. So keep your fingers crossed and toes twiddling, because this shit’s gonna be good. We can feel it.

Where to buy it: Raffles XChange & Redmart
When can we buy it: 10 September onwards

Of course, if history repeats itself, you might find this in Giant soon.

Happy PrataCurryPotatoChipping 🙂


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