Elaine Jin, HK Actress, Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Less than 2 Yrs After Beating Cervical Cancer

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If you’re a fan of Hong Kong dramas, you might recognise the name Elaine Jin. She has been in many films like Love Unto Waste (1986), People’s Hero (1987), and Port of Call (2016).

A veteran actress, her talent has been widely acclaimed, and she has won the Best Supporting Actress award multiple times at the Golden Horse Awards.

However, she revealed an unfortunate news recently: she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer in 2019

Ms Jin’s first experience with cancer was when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2019. She had openly shared about her experience and struggles with chemotherapy.

She had removed her appendix, lymph nodes, uterus, and ovaries through surgery at the time. After that, her doctors advised her to go through six rounds of chemotherapy.

Evidently, the process caused her “excruciating pain” and caused most of her hair to fall out. However, she persevered and happily announced that she had finally beaten her cancer into remission.

However, it seems that there would be more bad news to follow.

Diagnosed Again With Breast Cancer

On 3 March, Ms Jin took to YouTube to announce that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer just as Chinese New Year ended.

Now 66 years old, the actress expressed her shock at the news, since she hadn’t been feeling any discomfort. But when she noticed a lump in her left breast, she visited the doctor.

She was given the bad news on 16 February. Her diagnosis of breast cancer comes less than two years after she beat cervical cancer.

Ms Jin said, “I wanted to let everyone know about this news personally, rather than having you find out from [the media].” Despite the unfortunate situation, she remained optimistic and continued to see the bright side of things.

She called her early discovery of cancer a possible “blessing”. Since the cancer was still at stage one and the lump had been removed, there was no need for her to remove the entire breast.

Overwhelmed with emotion, she announced her plan to undergo electrotherapy as advised by her doctor.

“I’ve been feeling very down and the diagnosis has left me extremely shaken,” she said. “I was afraid that the cancer cells had spread, but thankfully the doctor assured me that this wasn’t the case.”

“I want to remind everyone to go for regular checkups [because] early detection is really important in the fight against cancer,” she shared.

We can only hope for Ms Jin to emerge victorious once-more in her battle against cancer. All the best, Ms Jin!


Image: Facebook (Believe In U)

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