Elderly Allegedly Charged $35 When He Just Wanted a $3 Hair Cut After 2 Hair Washes

Now, this word very important.


In fact, it’s so important that we’re going to tell you what it means.

Allegedly means accused but not proven.

Which is why the salon name will be censored. (But it’s very easy to find if you want to lah.)

So, what’s the story?

Dad Went For S$3 Haircut, Asked To Wash Hair Cause Of Bacteria

According to Suma Lee on Facebook, her dad went for a haircut and was given a S$3 hair cut voucher outside a salon in Clementi.

Image: Singapore Uncensored

The conversation is apparently in Mandarin. Her dad asked if the hair cut was S$3, and the male Malaysian hair-stylist confirmed the price.

So he decided to get his hair cut, but the stylist asked him to go to wash his hair.

Confused, he asked why.

In reply, the hairstylist claimed that his hair is “full of bacteria”, and that he must wash before cutting.

So he thought this was a COVID-19 measure, and even exclaimed “Wah, S$3 still got wash hair ah. Ok lor.”

Hairstylist Continues To Upsell

After looking at his scalp, the hairstylist then asked if he wants to do hair treatment, claiming that the bacteria will lead to blood vessels bursting.

Firm in wanting his S$3 hair cut, he said no, just the hair cut.

But after the hair cut is done, the hairstylist asked him to wash his hair again.

So he exclaimed, once again, “Why must wash again??”

According to the hairstylist, it is a requirement, or else his scalp will be itchy.

The Bill Came To S$35

Image: Suma Lee

On clarification about the price, the hairstylist said that the haircut was S$3, but because he washed his hair two times, the bill is correct.

You might be wondering what a S$35 haircut looks like, so here:

Image: Suma Lee

Whether you think that was neat or not, Suma Lee’s dad left disappointed with his uneven haircut.

Apparently, the hairstylist had also kept pushing for the few thousand dollars hair treatment packages.

Suma Lee warns us to look out for our parents and grandparents, as these “scammers” look to target the unsuspecting elderly.

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This Allegedly Happened Before, S$3 Become S$20

A Singapore Uncensored article posted screenshots from older Facebook posts warning about a black shop.

Image: Singapore Uncensored
Image: Singapore Uncensored

In the posts, the netizens warned that the shop overcharged on what was previously promised. One claimed that S$3 became S$20 with nothing else. Another claimed that he was charged S$60 after some rough treatment he didn’t ask for.

A check on the salon’s Google reviews shows a 1.1/5 rating with 29 reviews.

Most of the reviews gave the salon 1/5, calling the salon a “cheat” or “scam”, with similar stories to what was written in Suma Lee’s post, like constantly asking for hair washes, membership and scalp treatment.

There is only one single positive review, giving the place a 5/5 without any additional comment.

All of the reviewers seem to be new accounts with 1 or 2 reviews.

So, back to the alleged word.

Either the salon is really that bad that people are specifically creating accounts just to rant on the net, or they have enemies that are bombarding them with bad reviews.

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