Elderly Man In Hospice Still Smokes and Drinks, Says He Doesn’t Want To ‘Regret Anything’

The phrase “You Only Live Once”, better known as YOLO, is a popular phrase amongst youngsters.

However, many may have misinterpreted it and used it as an excuse to do ridiculous things, which Goody Feed has written about.

But this uncle here just made us see a different light to the term “YOLO”.

Puffing And Drinking Away

In a Facebook post shared by HCA Hospice Care, they interviewed an elderly man, Mr See, for a photo-documentary titled “A Good Day”.

In the post, Mr See was seen drinking beer at a hawker centre.

Image: Facebook (HCA Hospice Care)

The caption in the post shared details of Mr See’s life, from the end of war times to getting involved in gang movements, as well as living lavishly in the 70s and 80s.

It was also stated that Mr See “faces life candidly, but also realistically”.

Wise Man, Wise Words

During the interview, Mr See had said “Whether I drink or don’t drink, smoke or don’t smoke, have cancer or no cancer, I will go. My take on life is to do what you enjoy. Don’t wait to the last minute to regret anything.”.

Image: Giphy

That’s some wise words there.

During the interview, Mr See had also jokingly told the photographer to stop taking pictures of him even though he’s very handsome.

He said: “People will think I’m a superstar!”.

Aww, we all love a humourous uncle.

But why is this news? We’ve often seen uncles drinking in coffeeshops, no?

Hospice: Adding Life to Days Instead of Adding Days to Life

Lest you’re not aware, patients in a hospice care centre are receiving palliative treatment instead of curative treatment: in other words, they are being treated for their pain so that they can live the final stage of their life to the fullest.

Now you know why it’s actually quite sad, yet heartwarming, to see the uncle joking: he’s living YOLO the real way.

A Good Day To Celebrate Hospice’s 30 Years 

The photo-documentary series by HCA Hospice Care aims to show how HCA creates more good days for their patients.

They will be documenting 30 stories over 30 weeks to celebrate 30 years of providing hospice care to the community.

Image: Facebook (HCA Hospice Care)

The album includes a number of touching, loving, and enlightening stories.

One of which includes a cute couple who explored coney island, just like their old days until Mr Wan was stricken with pancreatic cancer that hindered his mobility.

Image: Facebook (HCA Hospice Care)

These stories are definitely making me tear up, but it made me realize one thing too:

Be kind, be brave, be contented.

These elderlies taught me how to view things in a positive light regardless of the shit life throws at us.


We need to start realizing that we should never be afraid of failures, even when the going gets tough.

As what Mr See said: “Don’t leave things to the last minute and regret it after that.”

So guys, live and love fearlessly.

Meanwhile, I’m going to hide in a corner to cry my eyes out from all these touching and meaningful stories.

Image: Giphy

In the meantime, cherish every moment. And laugh more.


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