Bukit Batok MP Delivered Electric Hospital Bed to Resident in Need Within 24 Hours

Getting medical help isn’t always easy when it’s financially out of your reach.

This is where we turn to the government for help, to draw upon their resources so they can get us the treatment we so desperately need.

And if a government official promises to follow through, we’d be more than grateful.

More so if they manage to do it within a day.

Bukit Batok MP Delivered Electric Hospital Bed to Resident in Need Within 24 Hours

A Member of Parliament (MP) delivered on his promise to help out a resident in his constituency after he asked for medical equipment for his father.

According to Bukit Batok MP Murali Pillai, a resident had reached out for help earlier this week as he urgently needed a hospital bed for his bed-bound father.

Using an electric hospital bed would ensure that the man’s father did not fall off his bed, Mr Pillai said.

Mr Pillai not only came through with the bed but managed to do it within 24 hours. 

“We delivered an electrical hospital bed within a day,” the Bukit Batok MP said.

Image: Facebook (Murali Pillai)

Hospital Loan Programme in Bukit Batok

According to Mr Pillai, he and his team were able to get the resident a bed so quickly because there’s an initiative specifically for this purpose.

Bukit Batok residents may not be aware of this, but there’s a hospital bed loan programme specially for Bukit Batok patients.

So, if they urgently need a bed, they need not panic, as they can easily get one.

If you’re in a similar situation, live in Bukit Batok, and need a bed urgently as well, you can contact Mr Pillai at [email protected] for assistance.

Netizens’ Reaction

Netizens were certainly impressed with the speed at which the bed was delivered thanks to the loan programme.

“A very good initiative and hope more people support…” one said.

Another pointed out that this programme would be particularly useful for Bukit Batok residents as they have many senior residents there.

Many also directed their praise at Mr Pillai himself, for ensuring that his residents are taken care of.

“A caring and thoughtful MP. Keep up the good work!,” one netizen said.

“Thank you. This program indeed save alot of stress for worry families,” said another.

“Very thoughtful MP, though I’m not residing in your area,” one commenter said.

You can read Mr Pillai’s full Facebook post here:

Featured Image: Facebook (Murali Pillai)