Elon Musk Openly Challenges Putin to a 1-to-1 Duel & Winner Takes Ukraine

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There are some things that make sense when it comes to setting playful bets and duels with your friends, such as having the loser buy the winner a plate of char kway teow or a cup of ice milo.

But there are also things that make… less sense, I guess.

Case in point: Elon Musk’s challenge to Putin, which he took to social media site Twitter to announce on Monday (14 March).

Elon Musk Versus Vladimir Putin

On 14 March, Musk, who also happens to be the world’s richest person and the founder of electric car company Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX, posted this on Twitter:

Just in case you have no idea how to read Russian, I’ve got you covered.

In the tweet, Musk, 50, wrote, “I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat. Stakes are Ukraine.”

Uh, don’t ask me how they’re going to fight it out. I seriously have no idea, although the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was the two men in a boxing ring, WWE-style.

He replied to his tweet with another tweet:

The tweet writes, “Do you accept this fight?” in Russian.

Additionally, Musk even tagged the 69-year-old Russian President’s Twitter account, which I suppose is either an incredibly ballsy move on his part or just a joke.

It seems that a number of his followers thought that the billionaire meant the latter, which is explicable in its own way.

I mean, it really isn’t every day when you tag Putin’s Twitter account and genuinely expect a reply. 

However, Musk replied to these comments, stating that he was “absolutely serious”.

“If Putin could so easily humiliate the west, then he would accept the challenge. But he will not,” he mentioned.

French news agency AFP later reported that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov posted a mocking response on Telegram which read, “Elon Musk: I wouldn’t advise you to test your strength against Putin.

“Your weight categories are too different,” Kadyrov added.


Well, now it’s even harder to get the image of Musk and Putin at either end of the boxing ring and ready to charge at each other out of my head.

Musk’s Support for Ukraine

Musk, who was born in South Africa, has publicly expressed his support for Ukraine.

Earlier this month, he tweeted, “Hold strong Ukraine”.

Additionally, he offered “my sympathies to the great people of Russia, who do not want this” war, besides his Starlink internet satellite to Ukrainians.

So perhaps Musk’s intention of challenging Putin is to see if he’ll hide behind his country’s forces, or if he will stand up as a true leader.

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And for those of us who frequently browse through Twitter, you’ll know that Musk is no stranger to acting in a bizarre manner on the social media site.


Previously, he equated Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler in a now-deleted tweet regarding a message that supported those who opposed the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions.

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