Sword-Wielding Man is Allegedly a Food Deliveryman With 4 Children


If the phrase “sword-wielding man” still doesn’t ring a bell for you, I’m pretty sure you don’t even live in Singapore.

And while the infamous “sword-wielding man” has been put under heavy scrutiny over the past few days due to his actions, here’s something that you might not know about him.

He’s apparently a food deliveryman and is the sole breadwinner of his family, which includes his wife and four children.

The Sword-Wielding Man

If you want to know more about the recent incident at Buangkok that shocked the nation, you can find out more about it here.

The 37-year-old Singaporean perpetrator, Fadhil bin Yusop, was previously arrested twice, once in 2016 and another in 2020. Both incidents involved terrorism-related issues, but the Internal Security Department (ISD) and the police concluded on both occasions that he was not radicalised.

In 2016, he posted photos of militant groups online.

In 2020, he tried to attack a religious leader in a mosque in Sengkang.

He was issued a warning the first time and jailed the second. For his second offence, he served a jail term of a little over two years.

Fadhil was also diagnosed with substance use disorder at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and was found to be under the influence of drugs during the incident back in 2020 as well as the recent incident that took place on Monday (14 March)

The police seized some pills at his house and confirmed that he took them before the Buangkok attacks, but he is currently not facing any charges for the drugs that he took. It is unclear as to what drugs he took before acting out on 14 March.

Previously in 2020, he was found to have taken a large amount of dextromethorphan, which is an over-the-counter medication that is often used to treat coughs. The medication contributed to his violent behaviour.

Fadhil’s Family and Drug Use

Based on the interview that Shin Min Daily News conducted with Fadhil’s wife, Yati, it is understood that the couple has four children.

The family are residents of Buangkok.

The couple met in Batam and have been married for 13 years since then, with their youngest child being one year and eight months old.

In the past 13 years, Yati, an Indonesian, has served two jail sentences.

After Fadhil promised her to not commit any more crimes, he became a food deliveryman, earning approximately $2,000 every month to support the family.


Despite the initial improvement in his behaviour, Yati said that Fadhil had apparently turned back to taking drugs soon after.

Shin Min also mentioned that Yati added, “My daughter is still young, I can’t get a job, and we hardly keep in touch with my husband’s family, so I can only rely on my husband as the sole breadwinner, this is why I choose to put up with this.”

To make matters more complicated, Yati is currently in Singapore on a long-term visit pass which will expire next year (2023).

“This time I think I really cannot take it anymore, but I’m scared if I divorce, I have to leave Singapore and will never get to see my children again,” she explained desperately.

Current Charges Against Fadhil

Fadhil currently faces one charge of voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon.


After jaywalking across the road and striking a number of cars with his sword, Fadhil used his sword to attack Mr Kumarapeli Arachchige Amila Chinthana, a member of the public.

This happened at the traffic junction in front of Buangkok Square Mall.

Upon seeing Fadhil’s actions, six members of the public, including Mr Chinthana, pinned Fadhil down and helped by restraining him until the police arrived at the scene.

All six received Public Spiritedness Awards yesterday (15 March) for doing so.

Court documents stated that Fadhil had cut Mr Chinthana three times with his sword, which left Mr Chinthana with a cut on his left arm and two cuts on his left shoulder.

According to previous statements from the police, another man also sustained abrasions on his left knee as well. However, Fadhil was not charged over this man’s injuries.


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Today (16 March) in court, District Judge Terence Tay accepted the prosecution’s application for Fadhil to be remanded at Changi Prison’s Complex Medical Centre.

He will be remanded there for three weeks for psychiatric observation before returning to court on April 6.

Fadhil, who was at Woodlands Police Division Headquarters earlier today, was present in court through video-link. His arm was seen to be in a sling, and he had an obvious limp that was captured on video when he was led away.

Under the Penal Code, if Fadhil is convicted of voluntarily causing hurt by a dangerous weapon or means, he can face imprisonment of up to seven years, a fine, caning, or even face a penalty that includes any combination of the three aforementioned punishments.

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