Elva Hsiao Admitted That She Had Dated More Than 100 Men On Chinese Comedy Show

If you’re an avid Mandopop fan, you’ll have heard of Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩).

The Taiwanese singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman was first signed to a record label in 1998.

Since then, she has gone on to release successful songs that moved millions of people worldwide.

Here’s a medley to please your ears:

Besides her singing ability, there is another thing that she is known for: her love life.

Elva Hsiao’s Love Life

Hsiao is also known for dating younger men in the entertainment industry.

On her 40th birthday (24 Aug 2019), she went public with her relationship to the 24-year-old model, Justin Huang.

She posted four photos of her together with Justin Huang with the caption: Love requires us to be together.

Image: Weibo 

Justin Huang replied to her post with a comment, “be with you”.

During that time, she revealed that she was suffering from internal injuries in her chest which stopped her from singing.

Justin Huang was the one who kept her company at that low point of her life.

A Track Record With Younger Men

Elva Hsiao has confirmed several relationships in the past, typically with boyfriends who are younger than her.

There is Sunny Wang (王陽明) who is 3 years younger than her.

Image: 8days

Kai Ko (柯震東) who is 12 years younger

Image: Jaynestars

And Elroy Cheo (石正祥) who is 5 years younger.

Image: Asianpopnews

But like they all say, age is nothing but a number.

Here’s another number that Elva Hsiao has recently thrown out for us to contemplate.

Dated More Than 100 Men

Appearing on a Chinese comedy show, Roast! (吐槽大會), Elva Hsiao revealed more about her dating life.

Responding to a rumour that she had 17 boyfriends over the past 16 years, she said that she did not.

However, she added that she has been photographed many times when out on dates at dinner or the movies.

If these men were considered boyfriends, she would have “at least a hundred boyfriends by now”.


A Woman With Many Men In Her Life

In a refreshing twist, Elva Hsiao also said she wasn’t ashamed of having many men in her life.

Describing herself as a “little romantic genius”, she claimed that she wouldn’t be offended if people say that to her face.

After all, she doesn’t mind what other people think of her love life and wouldn’t stay home and brood.

To that, all we can say is, you go, girl! 

That and, teach me please, sensei. I’ve not dated even once in the past nineteen years. T_T


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