Elvin Ng Revealed More About The ‘Bullying’ Incident With Angel Lim; Said He Has Lost his Temper

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It appears that the Elvin Ng saga is far from being done and dusted.

So lest you’re unaware, it first stemmed from a supposed altercation with Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee, after a purported spate of on-set ‘bullying’.

Since then, the saga has grown to include several other main and supporting characters, and has even spawned a few episodes.

It even led to a spin-off: the Sora Ma incident.

And yet, just when the entire matter’s beginning to dissipate from the spotlight…

It has been hauled back wholesale, in a move that could potentially turn the victim into… a ‘bully’ himself.

Elvin Ng Revealed More About The ‘Bullying’ Incident With Angel Lim; Said He Has Lost his Temper

Previously, it was reported that Elvin Ng may have had an episode of his own with newcomer Angel Lim.

Though nothing was specified, it was implied that Ng had ‘bullied’ Lim on the set of 2019 drama Heart to Heart, affecting her adversely and generally leaving a bad impression.

But what was it exactly? Well, we are now able to learn about it from Ng’s point of view.

In the most recent episode of the Mediacorp online show #justswipelah, Ng revealed his side of things, and expressed that he never intended to hide anything.

“My manager asked me if I wanted to have a three-way call, but I declined because I’m a gentleman and I’m capable of having a proper conversation with Dasmond,” he recalled. “And if there were any misunderstandings, I could clear them up with him right there and then.”

“After the conversation, everything seemed okay. But afterwards, the other party told the media that I didn’t want to talk more about the incident. It again hinted that I was trying to hide something. I actually don’t have anything to hide.”

He then speculated about the incident that may have been the cause of things.

“Angel and I were doing a romantic scene and we were going to film my expressions first. She was supposed to be reacting to my acting off-camera. And after that, we would film her expressions,” Ng said.

“And at that point, I lost my temper a bit and told her she couldn’t do that because she has to be professional. [I told her] ‘You can’t do one thing when the camera is filming me, and then do something else when the camera is on you.'”

He admitted that he was genuinely angry then, and said: “We all make mistakes”.


“Between the three of us, everyone could have done better. Perhaps I was too rash at that time. And the other party’s attitude was such. If you choose to do something like that, it might not be the most sensible choice.”

You can watch the video in question down below:


On 12 April 2021, TV host Dasmond Koh gave his take on things on Instagram, mentioning an unpleasant experience between Patrick Lee and actor Xu Bin while filming in Malaysia, but didn’t give any details.

The saga then took a left turn when Koh asked Ng what happened between him and actress Angel Lim on the set of drama Heart To Heart (2018 to 2019).

Again, he did not give details, but only said that the actress’ emotions were affected by Ng’s behaviour during filming.

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

Later, when 8Days contacted Koh and asked for specifics of the incident, Koh said he did not want to point fingers yet, as he has only heard one side of the story.

“It could also have been Angel’s issue and not exactly Elvin’s,” Koh said. “Since we are all on this topic, I thought we might as well clear the air. If they want to, they should just talk amongst themselves to solve whatever miscommunication that might’ve happened.”

In response, Ng went on to post a rather ambiguous update on his Instagram profile.


In his post, Ng said: “You never truly know if you’re just swimming, learning to swim or mastering swimming; guess you’re probably swimming, learning and mastering at the same time.”

“Well, they probably wouldn’t ask themselves such a question, cos they just keep swimming anyway. The best way you know how, the best you can be, keep getting better”, he added.

He also posted an image of fishes swimming around.

For more clarity on the entire saga, you can click this article here.

Featured Image: Youtube (Mediacorp Entertainment) / Instagram (linxi_angel)

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