Employee Allegedly Quit ‘Coz Company Pay His Salary Late by a Day; Netizens Sided With Company

Where is the greatest source of wisdom, knowledge, maturity, and eloquence in Singapore?

It is, without a doubt, HardwareZone Forums.

Image: HardwareZone

However, regardless of their reputation, they have proven to be a good source of juicy news occasionally.

In our times of need for a distraction, they have risen to fulfil their duty once again.

Employee Resigned Due To One Day Late Salary

As shared by a user on the forums, a worker had apparently resigned from his company due to his salary coming in one day late.

Image: HardwareZone

It is unclear how this user is related to the worker himself or the company, but extensive details have been shared.

As a summary of the above screenshot, the worker did not receive his salary on the promised day and thus went to check with the payroll department but failed to receive a reply.

He then went to check with his executive, who reprimanded him for skipping the chain of command after confirming that there had been a mistake made by payroll staff and that he would receive his pay the following day.

Apparently one part of this (or all of it) was too much for this worker, and he proceeded to find a new job and resigned.

Netizens Defended Company

So this post was made with the intention to seek the holy opinions of fellow HardwareZone Forum users, and it got exactly that.

The results? A slight majority took the side of the company.

Image: HardwareZone

Certain comments claimed that the worker would have given other problems as time went on, or that the company had ‘dodged a bullet’.

Image: HardwareZone

Also, cue the boomer comment about the strawberry generation. But this user speculated that it was possible that the worker was unhappy about getting reprimanded than the salary issue.

Image: HardwareZone

Perhaps well-trained by the SAF, this user also pointed out the importance of the chain of command.

Image: HardwareZone

But of course, not all users took the side of the company.

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Salary Is “Basic”?

Certain users also claimed that a worker’s salary is one of the most basic aspects.

Image: HardwareZone

So basic that if they don’t get it right just once, the employee has the right to be dissatisfied and leave.

Image: HardwareZone

But of course, we can always count on some more partial and rational users.

For example, this user claimed that it is forgivable if it was a one-off thing, having received a salary a week late before.

Then, in perhaps the best comment, a user sought to understand both sides and stated that we “don’t know the full story”.

Image: HardwareZone

He/she stated that a day late could cause major issues if the worker had urgent bills or bad experience with a company before.

Like how you meet one toxic boyfriend/girlfriend and then you’re always scared over small issues next time.

The user also suggested the possibility of the employee being petty and was looking for an excuse to quit.

So, what do you think?

Was the worker being petty and overly extreme?

Or was his anger and actions well-founded and justified?

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