Entitled Merc Driver Demand LTA Bike Give Way, Seeks Explanation from LTA/SPF When He Didn’t


I don’t want to stereotype Mercedes drivers, but I’ve heard quite a few stories already. Now there’s another one, and Singaporeans are having a field day with it on Facebook.

Oh yeah, this guy filmed his ‘complaint’ and posted it on Facebook. However, the video has since been removed (you know, ownself pwn ownself?).

So what happens is that the driver was behind an LTA bike in the centre lane, and for some reason, he insisted that the LTA bike was hogging the road.

“Hogging the middle of the road”. Right. The rest of the 3-lane road was empty. You could’ve totally just overtaken the LTA officer by turning to any other lane. Bro, the second lane got your name is it? Die die must drive there, must drive a bit faster than the bike, and must have the officer make way for you?

Like many of the commenters said, driving a Mercedes car does not entitle you to any privileges (the commenters used more… frank language for this, of course).

In the video, Winson Lim, our Mercedes driver here, actually horned multiple times at the LTA officer, and was basically tailgating the whole time. Near the end of the clip, the LTA officer was visibly annoyed.

Who wouldn’t be? There was space literally everywhere else but in front of the Mercedes, and the driver chose to piss off the officer. Smart move, dude. Go ahead and pester probably the only guy on the road who can give you demerits or get you in court.

And he had the nerve to demand an explanation from the authorities on why the officer didn’t make way for him.


If you Googled the definition of entitlement, you’ll probably see this guy’s picture.

But of course, since the video has been taken down, he should have learned his lesson. Or maybe…

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Featured Image: Facebook (Winson Lim)

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