M’sia’s Epic Asian Did Entertaining Video About Dee Kosh Saga in 3 Mins

If you’re a fan of Singapore influencers, there’s one name that’s probably headlining your feeds and timelines.

Darryl Ian Koshy, or better known as Dee Kosh.

You’ve probably seen the guy on YouTube doing reactions or covering drama.

He’s also done many collaborations with other influencers and channels like Jian Hao Tan or NOC.

The phrase ‘Dee Kosh’ saga has been going around a lot but if you somehow missed anything, here’s a quick break down.

Sexual Allegations

The influencer is alleged to have asked Instagram user, @_epaul, to join his YouTube channel two years ago.

However, the conversation took a turn as the influencer asked him for nudes and sexual favours.

Keep in mind that @_epaul was only 17 at the time.

He also accused Dee Kosh of trying to “cover his tracks” by using secret chats and deleting his own messages.

Four others have also come up with similar accounts of their situations.

Now, brands have distanced themselves from him and channels like NOC have removed his name from their website.

Still, not everyone is against him. Some have even taken more neutral stances, acknowledging his mistakes but hoping he will grow from it.

And well…the internet being the internet, someone’s definitely going to make a response to it.

Hilarious Video Summary

Or basically: meme-up the whole situation in a video.

Youtuber and internet personality Epic Asian has recently released a video on multiple media platforms.

And it is comedy gold.

The video first explains who Dee Kosh is, before briefly describing how he goes after drama a lot…

…before saying it doesn’t really matter and he just wants attention.

Epic Asian then describes the sexual favours situation, saying that Dee Kosh wanted @_epaul to chui bi bi.

Which, very informally, translates to blowing a whistle or…other non-PG references.

All of this happens while he occasionally inserts a very un-glam face of Dee Kosh laughing.

Image: Youtube (Epic Asian)

Epic Asian also talks about his lawyer suddenly pulling out, assuming Dee Kosh might not have paid him.

This then leads into him talking about how he was reported to local ‘power ranger’ (police) and how other companies did not want to work with him anymore.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The video ends by saying that Dee Kosh is still innocent till proven guilty, and we don’t know who’s right or wrong. Albeit a bit sarcastic, but we might not truly know.

And if you’re a fan of the ‘stereotypical Chinese accent’ then this video would be even more hilarious.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Dee Kosh saga.