Popular Chinese Actress Esther Yu Might Be Celebrating CNY 2024 in Singapore

Yu Shuxin, widely recognised as Esther Yu, is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) here in Singapore.

And… you might actually have a decent chance of encountering her.

Before I delve into further details of her visit, let me provide a little background information about the actress for those who may not be familiar. Esther Yu’s academic and personal journey has intertwined with Singapore in ways that might surprise many.

Esther Yu is LASALLE’s Alumnus

Surprisingly, Yu has not only been here as a tourist but a student as well. She was born and raised in Shanghai and ventured to Singapore to pursue her degree.

She reportedly graduated from LASALLE College of Arts with a degree in Fashion Media and Industries.

Yu’s acting career began in 2016, when she made her debut in Border Town Prodigal (2016). She became well-known from her roles in dramas such as Find Yourself (2020), Love Between Fairy and Devil (2022) and My Journey to You (2023).

Source: Instagram (estheeerrrr)

Beyond acting, Yu’s array of talents extends to singing, showcasing her versatile artistry.

Her participation in Youth with You, a Chinese idol reality show in 2020, culminated in her debut as a member of the girl group THE9.

Despite the group’s disbandment in December 2021, Yu’s singing career continues to flourish, especially through the original soundtracks for the dramas she has starred in.

Yu Announced her Arrival on Instagram

For those aiming to gain bragging rights when visiting your relatives this CNY, here’s where you could spot her.

The excitement surrounding Yu’s presence in Singapore for CNY 2024 was ignited by her Instagram post on 7 February, captioned “Hello SG.”


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The post was adorned with pictures from her hotel room, including a picturesque view from the balcony overlooking Singapore’s city skyline.

This garnered enthusiastic responses from fans, many extended a warm welcome in her comments. It is speculated that she is in Singapore to celebrate CNY with her family.

You can highly likely spot her at the touristy part of Singapore such as within the Marina Bay Sands vicinity.

She even visited Universal Studios Singapore yesterday on 9 February 2024.


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There is still a silver lining if you do not have the chance to meet her. At least you will be enjoying delicious food this CNY.