Even SIA Has Banned Samsung Note 7 Because It Allegedly Set Car on Fire


It’s not a good time to be in a Samsung office now.

Nathan Dornacher from Florida claims that his car was totalled (i.e. unrepairable) after a fire that was allegedly caused by Samsung Galaxy Note 7. According to Fox 10 News, the family had gone for a yard sale on US Labour Day (which is on the 5 of September). He had left the phone to charge while getting his daughter and his dog to unload a desk when he saw, from afar, that his car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, was on fire.

Image: fox10phoenix.com
Image: fox10phoenix.com

It is unclear how the dog knew about the fire first (maybe by sniffing the fire, or the dog is an iPhone fan?), but Mr Dornacher seemed to be alerted to the fire via his dog. He claims that the phone has exploded, causing the entire car to be in flames.

When the firemen arrived to put out the fire, the car was beyond repair.

Image: fox10phoenix.com
Image: fox10phoenix.com

According to TIME, Samsung is aware of the incident. They said in a statement, “We are working with Mr Dornacher to investigate his case and ensure we do everything we can for him.”

Mr Dornacher had initially posted an image or images of the incident on Facebook, with the description “Not the barbecue I wanted on my day off.” However, this post has been removed for some reason.

With incidents like this, some airlines have specifically banned people from using or charging the phone in their phones.

The latest came from our own airline, Singapore Airlines. They said in a statement, “The powering up and charging of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones is prohibited on all our flights.”

Samsung is exchanging all sold Note 7 and investigating the issue. The exchange website indicates that the sale of the phone will resume in October 2016.

Featured Image: fox10phoenix.com

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